What is to hate about Windows 8

What is to hate about Windows 8 I mean really? :confused::confused::confused::confused:

[li]Microsoft did great with the new start function. Still great on non-touch screen devices :clap::clap:[/li][li]Fantastic Speed :D[/li][li]Great compatibility :bigsmile:[/li][li]Good security without any security installed with Microsoft Security Essentials :cop:[/li][li]Colorful and cool UI :cool:[/li][li]Easy to navigate with search :iagree:[/li][/ul]So what is there to hate?:a

I apologize if this seems like a horrible failure of my duties as a moderatorโ€ฆ

But sb010301, there are numerous threads on MyCE that freely allow members to discuss the merits and faults of Windows 8. As you well know, these threads are pretty active: you yourself have posted in a number of them! :slight_smile:

As such, there is no reason to create a thread such as this one, which is going to do nothing more than stir up a fire storm amongst our members, given past history of posts such as this.

If you wish to continue discussing the topic, please return to the aforementioned threads. :flower:

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