What is this?

I picked up a free tower just for parts. How do I determine what this memory is? Power supply is bad, cannot turn on to check. Not even sure this is the memory that came with the unit. The stick is by Samsung and has the number M368L6423CTL-CB0 on the sticker.
The module has SAMSUNG 220 K4H560838C-TCB0 printed on it.
Thank you in advance for reading my post and for any help received.

Try Google first?
“K4H560838C-TCB0 (Samsung) - 128Mb DDR SDRAM, 256 Mb” (on the first page) and it will also tell you that it’s 266Mhz.

Thank you. I tried a different search engine and came up with a bunch of useless information. Looks like it’s time to switch back to google.