What is this overspray on my taiyo TYG02's



For months now I have noticed that when I purchase my blank dvd’s from a very reputable online dealer (who assures me that these are genuine TY’s) There are what I believe to be bad disks in the tape wrapped pack of 100. The odd thing is these weird “oversprayed” looking disks are always like the top 10 and the bottom 10 in the pack. I am tired of tossing these. I have refused to burn with them so far but enough is enough. You have to look at these in a reflection, meaning kinda shifting it back and forth under the light to see this “overspray” looking stuff. Does anyone know what this is…will they still burn ok?
code on disc says “W-16 14A105852GG” not sure that it is actually a “W” because it looks like it has a extra line in it like a “W” and an “M” combined.
These are from supermedia…premium line


Its possible that those discs were mishandled. Since they are just wrapped in tape, any impact or pressure could easily affect the media. It’s common in my area where the personnel in the shop just piles up tape wrapped media.


I believe the tape wrap is only for their value line products, which is a nice way of saying B-stock. AFAIK, the TY A-stock still ships in beehives.

Why stand around debate how many teeth are in a horses mouth? Instead of throwing away those discs, run some test burns with non-critical material. Post the results here. We’d all like to know.

What “overspray” are you referring to? Is it in the lacquer coat or in the dye layer or something completely different? Where on the disc does this appear?


By tape wrap, do you mean cello packed?

If that’s the case, can anyone of the resident experts comment? Are cello wrapped TY packs B-stock?



Not always.
IIRC, some of their printable media is only sold in shrinkwrap. :slight_smile:



My Printable T02s were packed that way, and they’re not B-grade, or at least they don’t burn like B-grade media :wink:


Not true at all, never has been.

Suggest buying bulk TY from Rima.com. Supermediastore is not the worst seller, but also not the best.


Tape wrapped is NOT always B-stock like some have already stated.

I really wish I knew what this “overspray” was as I have seen it before on different brands.

The reason I have called it overspray in the past is because I have only seen it on white injet printables.


As mentioned above the premium Inkjet printables can come in tape wrap. I also concur that you have better luck with your purchases depending on where you buy them from. Always had great luck with discs purchased from rima and newegg. Results from shop4tech and supermediastore have been mixed.


Does “anyone” have some thought as to what those specks/overspray really are??

I also call it overspray because that’s what it looks like on the disc print surface, it’s very odd that some of the much more brilliant cdfreaks (than I) here have gotten discs like this and at the very leased don’t have a hypothesis on what it might be.


AFAIK, there is no process in the manufacturing that involves spraying anything. Discs are coated by spinning AFAIK. Spraying could be part of the process of adding a label, which I don’t think TY is involved in. There shouldn’t be anything like this on shiny silver generic discs.

I don’t recall anyone getting anything like this from Rima, but I could be wrong. My recollection is that there were some Fuji 8x TY that turned up with this a while back. It’s sloppy manufacturing and quality control, for certain. I’d assume the discs are factory seconds unless some other evidence comes to light.


Can someone post a photo of this overspray? I guess we’re talking about the lacquer coat, which is spun off as CDan mentioned. Ink absorption layers, thermal printable layers, “diamond coat”, etc. are all silk-screened and UV cured. In poor quality control situations, there may be insufficient ink used on a portion of the screen resulting in a non-uniform finish, but nothing that would look like an overspray.

So, I can’t personally recall ever seeing anything that would make me think “overspray” and I’ve handled tens of thousands of discs. Maybe a picture or two might help.

But, most importantly, how about burning some instead of tossing them? Then we’ll know if they’re good or not, right?


This is my first attempt at photos. I hope they show up


I took photos for 30 minutes to get it to even show up. The photos make it look way worse than it actually is. With the naked eye you have to really be looking or you wont even notice this speckled dye layer or whatever it is. The photo on the right top does have some dust on it. I kept blowing with air after that photo. I have seen you guys post burn result scans after burning with nero but I cant get my copy of nero to do that for me. I will play with nero again right now with this disc.


I guess my copy of nero has limitations. I burned a full disc. Then with cd/dvd speed I managed to get Scan Disc to run and it scanned the entire disc and came back totally green 100%. I then tried to run the Disc Quality test and as always it would not start and just sends up an error message that says “error initializing test”. Any suggestions as what the deal is with my nero…not a full version maybe?


Not all drives support Disc Quality scanning.

LiteOn drives support scanning, many BenQ drives support scanning, most NEC drives support scanning, some Sony and Pioneer drives support scanning, some Samsung drives support scanning, and there are also other drives that support scanning. Not all are equally well suited to the task, however.

What is the brand and model of the drive you’re trying to use for Disc Quality Scanning?


Good job. In the 2nd image, there almost appears to be a striation to the speckles, like spokes in a wheel. This would suggest that the “whatever it is” was done while the disc was spinning. So I’m wondering about something like “foam” in the final lacquer coating that’s applied, which would create small air bubbles as the coating dries. Just a thought. It would also explain the effect being more pronounced at the outer edge. I know that the few discs I’ve seen with this were still usable and the stuff was pretty fine, also does not change with cleaning, even with alcohol.

I’ll repeat my idea that these should be considered defective discs, or factory seconds at best.


I have TYG02 discs, White Hub Printable, from Supermediastore.com shipped in 100 pc tape-wrap that exhibit the same surface. These were bought as “Valueline” and actually scan acceptably- for non-premium.


So right you are sir…My Pioneer DVR 111D just wont run it, but the lite-on had no trouble at all. I ran a scan of a burn with one of these disc’s. I saved it and will attempt to post here as I have seen others do. If I succeed please advise as to the numbers.


Well I wanted the photo to show the fancy graph but the numbers are the same. You should be able to analyse for me I hope. However I will be ordering from Rima very soon