What is this new NEC ND-3500A?

Is this NEC ND-3500A which has been released today (October 25) any different with the one (ND-3500A/AG) already in the market?. If yes and I assume the drive is capable to write D/L disc at speed of 16X, then why on earth that NEC calls this drive also ND-3500A?. Is that mean both drive share the common hardware but only seperated with upgraded software?. What about those of us, we just bought ND-3500A only a week ago?.

No, same thing… just a press release.

Same drive. The announcement was for the retail version. Only the OEM version was available in the US before.

“If yes and I assume the drive is capable to write D/L disc at speed of 16X”
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I have to laugh when companies make their press releases, how many times have you read ‘the first 16x Dual Layer Writer’ and thought "wow, I can record DL media at 16x’ :slight_smile:

Also, this statement is misleading, unless the retail drive has newer f/w? :

The ND-3500A offers double layer 16X DVD+/-R/RW speed and the support of all major brands of CD, DVD +/-R /RW, and double layer media.

Does it mean you can record or read back discs at 16x on +R/-R and +RW/-RW? Will this drive support RiDisc/Datasafe DL media and record RITEK R03 media at 8x ‘out of the box’?

Hope someone can compare the retail f/w with the stock OEM f/w and see what’s new!

One technician said to me recently almost all NEC OEM units included retail firmware. I asked him which version, he couldnt say. But I think he meant 2.1x over 2.0x… not sure tho. Maybe new release of Retail contain even newer firmware, who knows hehe.

NEC’s link (http://www.necsam.com/optical/products/ND3500A/specs.cfm ) specifically states DVD+/-RW reads at 4x. In that article, it was quite unclear abt the write speed for RW format

Write speed of RW media is dependant on how it’s manufactured, 2x, 2.4 or 4x write.

My gripe is with how companies word there marketing hype, like when you see ‘worlds first 52x CD-ReWritable drive’, which some would take to mean 52x re-writing, not 52x CD-R :confused:

The f/w I have in my drive was 2.16 (before I flashed to 2.27) and suggests retail firmware. All we need to know is if the write strats have changed from OEM to Retail and see if it’s worth flashing when someone makes it available!