What is this icon on DMR-EH50 screen?

I was recording from an 8mm camcorder onto my hard drive. I don’t know if it is connected or not, but at about 13 minutes on an approximate 16 minute segment on the 8mm tape, the DMR-EH50 went into play mode by itself instead of continuing to record. I had to quick start a new session by pushing the record button on the remote. I had to do this twice, the second time coming after about a minute or two. Anyway, when I looked at the title screen there was a little icon by two titles. Looking in the owner’s manual and could not find them. I circled them in red for you to see. Are they any way connected to the recorder stopping recording and going into the play mode? Thanks for your help!!!

I want to get this figured out because tomorrow morning Big Valley episodes are being broadcast for the first time on Encore Western.

Thanks again!

They are in the manual - but you have to hunt for it. Icons are listed under-

“Check, change or delete a programme - press [prog/check]”

This one means “The material was copy-protected so it was not recorded”

I have picked a couple up - randomly from one particular satellite channel. The recording stops in its tracks.