What Is This? HP or Dell oem? ND-2100A

Is this a Dell or HP oem? i was told that it’s a Dell oem. It says ND2100A/HP. If it’s a Hewlett Packard, what’s the right firmware for it?

It should be an NEC drive.

Watch out, I have read Dell NECs do not use the same firmware as regular NEC drives. Do a lot of checking before you try to update firmware.

Do a lot of reading on this drive as chas0039 suggested but I’m thinking it should be able to be flashed to a NEC ND2500A without any issues after using the appropriate firmware. You may want to visit The Dangerous Brothers or Herries webpage for more information on these firmwares.

HP OEM from the pic.

But by using the crossflashing firmware(s) from TDB you can convert it to a 2510…