What is this "free ipod" stuff on the internet?

I keep seeing these “get a free ipod” websites. Whats the deal with that?
It seems one has to sign up for some offers, but is that all you need to do?
Anyone have experience with these? If so any tips? Is this all crap?

I think you answered your question - it’s crap :slight_smile:

No actually it’s an incentive - and a clever way to generate huge mailing lists. Nothing is free - You actually have to sign up with different sponsors and accept their offers (a new word for SPAM :D), some ofers are free others you have to pay memberships, and after a certain amount of registering here and there and opening your door to a million spam e-mails a day, then you just might receive the ipod as a “Thank you for letting us spam you like crazy” gift :smiley:

There are some honest sites there are some bad ones… Personally I would avoid these types of offers. A free IPOD is not worth it if it means my name is on some companie’s/spammers mailing list :smiley:

question answered

And that is experience talking because I have subscribed to that ages ago, signing up with different sponsors, but then I quiet when I woke up and found out that it is a mailing list thingy… I know people who did receive their ipod but honestly it is not worth exchanging your personal info to dozens of companies for a bloody ipod…

Maybe if they sent me a free GeForce 7800 GTX Twin SLI maybe I’d consider :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

just spam man. don’t fall for it

is there any chane tht you would be able to show me how this site works or how 2 download pm me bk plz

is there any chance tht you would be able to show me how this site works or how 2 download pm me bk plz