What is this Feurio "warning" about?

In previous CD burns, if an MP3 that I am including on a multiple file burn was not compliant or had errors it would identify the specific one. But on my last bunch of MP3 to audio CD burn I got a strange “warning” about most CD players needing 44hrz, 16bit…and saying that track 00 apparently was not. Previous “problem” file warnings in other burns have also shown the MP3 name listing for the song, this time no name was shown, just “track 00”.

I’d named my MP3 files "001, 002, 003 etc. in order to have them burned in the order I wanted(except for the last file that was 15th but not numbered). And to my knowledge, I had no “00” file.
(and the CD didn’t have the same clear sound as previous ones after I burned it. And the bass was way overwelming and distorted compared to the vocal)

Does anyone know what it was trying to tell me?

did you rip the mp3’s yourself? audio for cd’s should be 44hrz

got them all on-line.

Is there a “pre-analyzer” in Feurio that I can check my files with individually after aquiring them, before attempting an audio burn?

and which Mp3 file would have been “track 00”?

CD Manager > Help > Index > Index tab > MP3 > Display > MP3-Support :


Apart from ”normal” Wave-files, Feurio!® can also work with MP3-files.
The MP3-files can hereby be edited just the same as normal wave files, for example the level can be changed, a fade-in can be carried out, etc .

What are MP3-files?

MP3-files (more precisely: MPEG-1, Layer 3) are audio files packed with a special algorithm. An mp3-file only takes up a fraction of the memory space that the corresponding wave file would take up.

Attention should be paid to the fact that MP3 algorithms are ”loss-affected”, i.e. data is lost in compression! However the algorithm is designed so that this loss should not be ”audible”.

Conditions for editing MP3-files :

Feurio!® contains integrated routines for decoding mp3 files and thus has no problem working with mp3 files.

Working with mp3-files :

Feurio!® provides two possibilities to work with mp3 files:

  1. The files are included in the project as mp3-files and decoded during play-back/burning:
    This mode has the great advantage that the files use up relatively little space. This however is also linked with several disadvantages:

-Increased calculation time needed in the Wave-Player:
As the data has to be decoded during playback, the wave-player thus needs must more calculation time. In particular the player does not work as quickly either.

-It may not be possible to write at high speeds:
Decoding while writing of course needs quite some calculation time - depending on the system’s performance it may not be possible to write at top speed.

-Track-Editor is slower:
As the data has to be newly decoded each time, of course the track editor is also much slower.

-Problems recognizing the mp3-structure:
To decode an mp3-file ”sequentially” is relatively simple. To decode certain parts (as needed e.g. in the Wave player) is a much more complex matter. To create the CD structure Feurio!® also needs the precise playing time of the individual tracks (Otherwise there would be ”gaps” at the end of the track).
Thus to be able to work with mp3 files completely, Feurio!® has to analyze the structure of the mp3 files.
Unfortunately there are often variations in the format so that it can happen that Feurio!® can not recognize the mp3 file and thus can not process it directly. In this case the file has to be decoded completely.
Feurio!® carries out a brief scan of every new mp3 file (among other things to determine the exact length).
After scanning Feurio!® sets up a file: ”File name.framepos” . In this file information on the position of the mp3 frames is saved.
This file can be deleted at any time, when the mp3 file is next accessed, then the Framepos-file is newly created.

You should also be very careful with ”foreign” mp3-files. It can happen that although the file can be recognized correctly, a decoding error occurs while burning. A decoding error of course leads to the burning being aborted and thus leads to a defective CD-R!
Note: The Feurio!® CD-Writer therefore offers you the option of decoding the mp3 file before burning it.

  1. The files are decoded on being added to the project:
    The files are directly decoded on being added to the project, i.e. converted to normal wave files.
    This however has the disadvantage that the files take up significantly more memory but then again they are ”normal” Wave-files which you can work with normally so that the problems described above do not occur.

Creating mp3 files :

Unfortunately, the routines integrated in Feurio!® can only decode mp3 files.
However if the ”Professional Version” of an mp3 codec is installed in the system or the Lame or BladeEnd is installed, then Feurio!® can also create mp3 files.
Existing wav-files can be converted into mp3 or mp3 files can be created directly from CD!
On this, see >

Parameters - MP3 Parameters[/B]

This dialog box is used to set preferences for the CREATION of mp-3 files.
Feurio!® has got an integrated mp3-Codec to decode mp3-files so no further settings are necessary.

*Box: ”Creation of MP3-files”:

Here you determine how MP3 files are to be created:

· Using Windows-Codec:

The files are compressed in a Codec linked into the Windows sound system.
The Fraunhofer Codec for example, requires the ”professional version”.

·Using BladeEnc / Lame:

The files are compressed with the ”Blade-Encoder” or ”Lame-Encoder”. BladeEnc is freely available on the Internet, for more information click here.
The button ”Preferences” is used to set the parameters for the Blade-Encoder.

Box: ”Adding MP3 files”:

If MP3 files are added to the project from the Hard Disk View, these files can be automatically unpacked (on request):

·Unpack Automatically:

All MP3 files are unpacked automatically, i.e. stored as ”normal” wave files. This has the advantage that Feurio!® is able to access the files directly without first having to unpack them.
The problems described at ”Decoding MP3 Files” when accessing MP3 files directly are avoided as well.
The disadvantage of course is the space requirement of the wave files…

·Add file in MP3 format:

The files are added to the project as MP3 files. If the files are e.g. played or written on CD they will be automatically decoded.
This has the advantage of requiring much less hard disk space.
The disadvantage of this method is that decoding the files of course requires a lot of processing time. The wave player needs significantly more processing time, the track editor slows down and writing CDs with 4x speed will only be possible on very fast systems.
Furthermore errors can occur when accessing MP3 files directly (see: ”Decoding MP3 Files”). If this should happen, please try to decode the file.

A MP3 file can be decoded later (within the menu: ”Project contents”, entry: ”Decode file(s)” ) respectively within the context menu (clicking on a track with the right mouse button).


Each time a MP3 file is copied to the project a dialog box will pop up which asks if the MP3 files are to be decoded.

Note: This setting only refers to ”Adding MP3 files to the project from inside the Hard Disk View”. If you add files from inside the ”Add wave files” dialog, this mode is activated by a switch in the dialog box.

From: Feurio! CD-Writer online help © by Fangmeier Systemprogrammierung

thanks, BoSkin
I’ve burned a number of CD from MP3 files using Feurio. Each time I decode before burning with very little problem. Unless there is a substandard file involved. In those cases during the decoding I’d get a “warning message” specific to a specific MP3 file(as in track 005- Madonna-“so-in-so song” is less than “such an such” format, etc.

This last time, all it said was a nonspecific message about “track 00”. I have no idea what “00 track” would be.

Is there a program that will analize individual MP3 files that are temporarily stored on my desktop for all it’s technical details?

Can you post the warning message?

EncSpot is a nice program to test MP3 files, apart from Feurio!

the track 00?? isn’t that a playlist?

damiandimitri, then would not every multiple MP3 conversion to wav have a “playlist” and I get that message everytime? I don’t remember seeing it on previous conversion/burns as I mentioned.

I’m not at that computer to try it again to get the exact message, but will be in about 6 hrs. Can I attach a screenshot of it on this board?

yes :wink:

OK, sorry
I didn’t see the attachment option before.

thanks, I’ll do it when I get home in a few hours and am at that computer

minix, I’m not seeing that EncSpot recognizes any Mp3 files on my computer except those on a CD.

Could you tell how to get it to do that? All the Mp3’s I want to analyze are there and aren’t on CDs.


i just wondered why you renames it 00, some play lists are called that. How big is the file?

I’m not understanding your question, damiandimitri.

I didn’t rename anything intentionally. All I did was load 15 MP3 files into Feurio to decompress to wav files before burning to CD.

The popup message came about a 00 file. I didn’t know It had a 00 file. Only 001, 002, 003 files with MP3 songs which all had names too. I’ve never seen a 00 file to know what size it is.

I never created a 00 file. Am I missing something about all this?

no sorry

hmm…if it says something about a 00 file…there should be one called that.
I am as confused as you are.

you kept the mp3 extension when you renamed them?

I’ve never intentionally renamed anything. I just load the MP3 files(“named” 001-so-in-so song.Mp3, 001- so-in-so song.Mp3, etc.)into Feurio to decode to wav, then burn to CD as a usual audio CD. There is No “00” file.

I’ve the warning message(again, what is 00 file?)

The CD-DA format means that audio data is sampled 44100 times per second, with 16 bytes resolution (65536 possible values) and 2 channels (stereo).

MP3 files should have been created in the same format, too.

If this is not the case, then you must convert the file to this format.
Feurio will do this for you, and this is the warning message.

Try the same file in Nero. I’m not sure if Nero accepts this kind of different formats.

What is the source of the file? It’s strange that the rest of the files are in different format.

I loaded my MP3 files one at a time into my GoldWave program and noticed a couple were mono(just as the Feurio warning indicated, without telling me it was 005, and 006).

I guess that’s the reason for the warning.

some were mono, not all stereo.


You MP3 player (like Winamp?) will also tell if it’s mono or stereo.
In Winamp Next to the 44Hz letters, you’ll see something like (0) for mono and the same duplicated for stereo ((oo))

By the way, I can analyze my MP3 files with EncSpot, wether they’re on hard disk or CD-ROM.

Minix, does feurio rename the files while it decodes the mp3’s to wav? MAybe the *.00 is temp file.

Originally posted by damiandimitri

Minix, does feurio rename the files while it decodes the mp3’s to wav?
AFAIK, no.

Sorry for not being minix, since your Q was refered to him. :bigsmile:

Track00.wav is just a generalization. Feurio! is full of those Help Tips, it prompts you unless you decide to uncheck “Continue show this ( or that ) message”.

All in all, the WAV should be stereo in order to avoid seeing this kinda message.