What is this error?

I am using W2K pro with the latest clone cd ,640 mb ram with an a-open 1232 cdrw it reads the disc but on the write lead in i get this error “Writing to cd failed medium error no additional sense infomation (3:0x64:0xc0)” any help please.

Crap media.

I have used the same media for the last twelve months no probs i also get the error with other brands sony, kodak ,tdk if i use a cdrw to write the image file it works fine any other suggestions plz

If your software has a laser calibration feature use it. Secondly depending on your system speed, don’t do anything else. CDRW are written usually at slower speeds although this isn’t a buffer underrun.

This error is often caused by:

-Crap media.
-Dirty or worn lens in your writer.

May be caused by conflicting drivers/software but that is very rare. Also try to upgrade to the newest ASPI layer.

I’m using adaptecs translated ASPI ,forceASPI is there a better one.What about 4 in1 via drivers is there an issue(DMA) it reads but doen’t write(exCDRW) firmware?

I don’t think it has anything to do with the ASPI or firmware. Like said it’s most likely the media (although you have been using the same brand it doesn’t mean that the disc were manufactured by the same manufacturer) or a dirty laser. Try a different CD-R brand or the Perform Laser Callibration option in CloneCD.

ive had the same message before especcialy when backing up music cds
simply lower the speed of the write and it should work fine

Probably bad media.

Try writing at a slower speed.

thanks 4 the help! is 1x slow enough(beer induced sarcasam) it is so hot we are all expecting a cyclone>I think i’m going TROPPO

2 Things:

1: Aopen CRW1232 can’t write at 1X.
2: I have the same drive and same problem. It all started when I upgraded the firmware. Try downgrading it.

Could a bad stick of RAM have caused this error?I was having bootup and lockup probs, traced the problem to a RAM stick now clonecd dosen’t give me the error message using the media that was giving me the most grief?

Anything is possible!!!

perform laser calibration first.