What is this bitsetting business? >:/



I’ve just bought 100 verbatim dvd + r dvds, and burned half of my computers contents onto them, because of my drive running out of space; now i find they wont even READ in this drive and i’ve already trashed half of the work i had stored on my hd! what the hell is the problem with dvd manufacturers? can they not just build a standard dvd drive that doesnt need a miracle to get the damn thing to read any and all dvd discs without you needing some kind of software to get the damn thing to WORK???

does anyone know of or could anyone recommend a website, or even better still, a piece of software that would allow me to use these freaking discs with this dvd drive? it is a pioneer DVR-109 dual 8x drive.

any help would be greatly appreciated, but to be honest, its likely the dustmen are going to find themselves a shiny new box of verbatim dvds as well as a (useless) pioneer ‘dual’ dvd drive in the refuse bin tomorrow.


Ok, dont throw your drive just yet :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. What software are you using to burn, and at what speed?
  2. At the moment, are you using BitSetting? (if you know what this is)
  3. What speed are the Verbitaim discs you are using?

If these two check out ok, then it may be just the discs you are using dont work well with this drive, in this case, you should try some different types of discs (I personally prefer -R), not trash your drive.


Ben :slight_smile: