What is the truth about safe disk



I read mix info but 3.15 and it fine on a liteon dvd drive to read but on others it’s a bit*h, and that clonecd has been blacklisted can it be backed up 1:1


no not at the moment


I am not entirely sure what you are asking but I will try.

If you are running a SafeDisc 3.15 backup from a read only drive only (CD ROM/DVD ROM), you will not need an ATIP hider, therefore you should not have to activate any of CloneCD’s features. But some reports suggest that no matter what you try to do, the best thing would be to uninstall CloneCD all together.

The drives that may have some trouble are the burners. They need an ATIP hider (CloneCD’s Hide CDR) if running a newer copy protection scheme. This means enabling some of CloneCD’s features, which means that CloneCD is probably gonna be detected while the guard module in the program’s exe runs.

BUT CloneCD can overcome blacklisting by updating their program.


Finally tried to make a back of slinter cell and have made 10 coasters so far and still trying different combinations but the info out there is very different from one post to the other. I have a asus 5224a fw 1.4 and I have been told that fw 1.1 or 1.0 is good but which one is better(where did you get the fw) and why would it burn the pattens better. Tried the latest alcohol with and with out aws. And different read spends and burn speeds and no luck.Image is good with both virtual drive and nero speed cd. Read the burn with Clonecd and the errors start around 500 so the weak sectors are being written wrong . Tried burning using clonecd as the reader and alcohol as the buring proggy,the same results. Whats up with sd 3.15 why is a drive that is meet to burn it having problems


To backup Safedisk 3.x try to read with clonecd and write with alcohol 120%.
Downgrade your Asus cdrw to fw 1.1 and it should work well.



Yes, do it as Parker said, because at this time is no posible downgrade the ASUS to fw 1.0


Personally, I haven’t had any problems with the latest safedisc versions with my Asus CRW-5224A (fw 1.37) using any of alcohol, discjuggler or discdump/clonecd with fireburner.

However, I understand that for blindwrite to make a good copy of a safedisc 2.9+ protected cd with this writer, it must have either fw 1.0 or 1.1.

Accordingly, there’s no real reason to downgrade your firmware with this drive unless blindwrite is your only duping program.