What is the shortest distance between here and there


straight line

good answer

a wormhole in the space-time continuum may reduce the distance between here and there to 0

I wish they would come up with another name for it than wormhole never did sound like it should be a name for somthing in space. Besides I never seen a worm in space.

Everything exists in time & space … if you’e ever seen a worm, it’s been in space.

Nay a space curve!

the T t+here= there :clap:

The one given by a geodesic. :stuck_out_tongue:

The answer given in that film with Sam Neil. Damn whats it called… You know the one. It’s got a spaceship in it and that dude from the Matrix, Lawrence Fishbourne and Sam goes nuts, then they blow up the spaceship.

I think it might have been Mr B’s answer.

Event Horizon

Great flick, I really liked that movie.:clap:

And me :iagree:

It wasn’t even horror, it was just low-budget gore :stuck_out_tongue:

Scariest movie ever


No, Thirteen Days is scarier, because the Cuban Missile Crisis was real, and Event Horizon is merely fiction.

BTW this post is [B]not[/B] the shortest distance between here and there, and everything in the middle is neither here nor there. :bigsmile:


Is the distance between here and there the same between there and here?


Usually it is, unless your girlfriend drives the way back.

In which case it’s the scenic route … starting with somewhere in the opposite direction :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course … it take 3hrs, just like the makeup :stuck_out_tongue: