What is the Safe Range of HD Temp?

I really want to keep using my swappable drive trays and yet I have seen an increase in temp. when I do. Part of the cost of convenience I guess. Anyway, I get a temp of 80-95 F when I am outside of the tray and it rises to a max of 115 F when I use the tray. I am sure I will go above 120 F when Summer hits.

The drive (WD) is rated to 131 F. Any of you have a gut feel about what the added heat is costing me? I need some reassurance. :confused:


Do they have a fitting space (in the main unit) for a 40mm fan?

The tray has a fan in it already. The temps are with fan.

Hey chase0039 maybe you can find out the Fan speed and replace the fan with a higher speed fan. More noise though.:slight_smile:

No problems with noise. High speed 40mm fans are hard to find. Are you guys indicating that you don’t like that temp. either?

Seems pretty high but I really have no expeirence with swappable HDD setups. Here is what mine normaly runs at. 27 degrees C = 80.6 Degrees F.

The temperature of my current HDD (Samsung SP1203N) never rises more than 25 C.
Previous Maxtor 2F040L0 was heated up to 50 C :), but it did not influence on its health in any way.
I think, that normal temperatures for HHDs of different manufactures can very different. One more warm, others - less.
And I have never seen hard drives, that was broken because of overheating.

I decided to make it a weekend project and I rewired my case to add another 120mm fan right above the hard drive. So far I have been able to keep the temp. the same as my other drives running below with 2 fans blowing over them. I think I rarely get above 100 F now so I am fine until summer.

Thanks for all the input.