What is the problem with 716A?

I have recently purchased a PX716A (TLA 0203; immediately updated with 1.04u) for 120 €; wich is the double of majority of his concurrents.

i’ve chosen that unit because of the ± Dual layer capability and the-apparently- good quality of the plextor drives.

But the burns are catastrophic!!!

here an exemple of a MCC04 (verbatim 16x) burned at 12x (PowerRec don’t let me burn at 16X!).

at this time; i hesitate to RMA the drive (and pay shipping…).

maybe i wait for a new hardware revision; hopping that is the solution for all of our problem.

but when i think i can just buy a NEC or anything else for half the price and get MUCH MUCH better burn; i feel a pain in the ass :a :a

It could be that you have a dud drive, there is nothing wrong with TLA02xx (I have one myself). Could you tell us something about your system specs and how the Plextor is hooked up? What’s its current DMA mode setting? If you could, how does the drive perform in another computer? Last but not least, can it complete the self-diagnostics test? Good luck and let us know how things work out!

ok, i have a A7N8X e deluxe (nforce2).
the px716a is 2° master (in UDMA 4 )the secondary slave is the Lite-On 52246s.
I have 3 hard drives; 2 maxtor 160 and 1 WD 120;
I am not a beginner in computers you know; my sytem is fine.

i will perform the self-diagnostic test tomorrow; i don’t have the time now !

thanks for your time G@M3FR3@K

Maybe the disc was bad. Have you tried other media?

I dont think I have ever seen such a bad scan.

Yes, it´s very strange…i have also Nforce2 ( Abit NF7 S 2.0+ AMD2500M@2700MHZ ), and works well…
Even about 2 days ago, i install Nforce drivers IDE…
Mine unity is the TLA#0203, and never get those results…except on last part of burn at 16x, i get a increse PIE of ± 60… :frowning:

See the cable IDE, change it by the original, try the unity alone…before make a final judge.

Good lucky!

i have changed both the IDE cable AND the case before posting this post