What is the policy regarding cracks and serials?

Since I can’t post in the Forum talk, I am bound to ask my question here.

I know that CD Freaks has gone legit a while back, but what is the currentt policy regarding the asking of serials and cracks?

The reason I ask this is because one admin closes a topic like that, while others simply reply with ‘as long as the serial (or direct link to crack) isn’t posted on the forum it is ok’.

To make it clear to everybody (users as well as administrators on this board) I would like to know the official policy with regard to the asking of serials and cracks.

Is it allowed to ask for serials and cracks on this board, as long as they are not posted here (but messaged through Private Message or e-mail), or is it not even allowed to ask for it and should these posts be removed as well?

Awaiting your answer.

Ok, we have discussed this matter between the admins and bosses and we have come to the following.

CD Freaks has grown in the past years and gotten attention from various parties. Of course all users who have come to CD Freaks (including this forum) for quite some time, but also from certain agencies who are trying their best to prosecute illegal practices everywhere. After a long downtime because of hosting problems CD Freaks has decided to go legal. This had several reasons, one of which was hosting, but another reason was to attract sponsors (on whom CD Freaks is dependent for their revenues), who obviously not wanted to be associated with illegal practices.

During the past months after CD Freaks deceided to walk the path of legality an unclear policy remained on this forum. Unclear for some users, but also for us administrators. Posting serials and/or direct links to cracks was not allowed for quite some time now. But some administrators simply edited the post and closed it as a warning, where others deleted them without a warning. Some administrators closed topics where this information was requested, whereas some others didn’t.

This caused uncertainty among some users and resentment towards those whose topics weren’t closed and theirs were. As of today there will be no more uncertainty regarding this subject. The rules have been updated as of today and not only posting of serials and direct links to cracks is prohibted, but it is also not allowed to ask for them.

Topics containing requests for serials or cracks will be deleted without a warning or explanation.

This is our policy as of now and is not open to discussion. When you feel that a moderator or administrator has wrongly edited or deleted your post, send a Private Message to the administrator that did that or to me and I’ll look into it. When further action will be taken you will be notified.

Please respect us and the rules of this forum. We are all trying to make this a place where you can turn to for technical questions and of course to build up a community where we can all enjoy the company of fellow CD Freakers!

Knowledge is power, so let’s share that knowledge, build up more power and rule the world!

Ok, that is clear to me.

But what about requests for downloads of ISO’s or MP3 albums?
People should join a FXP board for that or something…how about these?

After all, this is not a FXP board, this has become (taking into account what you wrote above) a technical and social forum where you can ask your technical questions with respect to software and/or hardware (in some parts more specific than others).

As long as it is condoned there will be people asking for it (to the dislike of many visitors as well, since nothing is handed to you on a silver platter, one must put in some effort themselves first)…

Download requests are not allowed either.

This may have been unclear in the rules before, but will not be after today. Posts containing download requests of anything other than legal downloads (trial programs, shareware or freeware) will be deleted without notice.

Should a post contain both a serious question and a download request, the post will be edited and the request will be removed so only the serious question remains.

Again, please respect us by respecting our rules.