What is the Plextor 124TSI?

Is it Plextor’s only 12/4/32 SCSI drive? I have never seen it called this on their site. I found a 12/4/32 Plextor SCSI drive for sale. Is it for sure the 124TSI?


i am the owner of a plextor px-1210ts ( scsi ) - latest firmware avaiable is 1.04
it is not the same drive as the px-w124ts - ( latest firmware 1.07 )
you can see that if you go to the downloadpages ( firmware ) of plextor because of the different firmwares


Ah. Sir. You have the 12/10 I was asking about the 12/4.

I would be very surprised if those two drivers really were the same. The one I am asking about has a 4x re write and no burn proof.

sorry for the misunderstanding , my english is poor you , know
like you said , my drive is not the same as the 124tsi , and of course the drivers are not ,

differences between the two drives are:
124tsi: 4x REwrite - other 10x high speed REwrite
124tsi: no BURNProof - other has BURNProof

the only diffenrences i am aware of…

and if you see a 12/4/32 plextor cdrw drive then it is for sure the 124 !
Plextor PX-W124tsi