What is the "Orange light" problem?



How can it happen? The manual from Liteon website says that the light is green when reading and red when writing, there’s no orange light

Or is green+red = orange? As you can tell, I’m playing with omnipatcher :slight_smile:

What are the light colours of different models?


Hi carniver,

(blinking) orange light for liteon drives generally means wrong/corrupted firmware, e.g. if you flash a drive with the firmware of another drive.
This is what the “crossflashing” option of the Omnipatcher is meant for.

A hint: use the search function of the forum, it is really powerful! :wink:

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:



Well, but theres no orange light on the drive, how does the drive show an orange color?


Three LED’s reside behind that pane:

Green = READ


Three LED’s? Inside is a multi-color (red and green) LED. When both the red and green LED’s are lit the light appears orange so essentially you were correct in your first post.

Note that this picture is from an OEM Liteon CD-RW drive, thus the missing headphone jack and volume control.


Cool pic dave! I stand corrected!


Multi Colored LED’s are probably my favorite electronics component ever :slight_smile:


LOL. I will send you a packet for christmas this year. [i]“May all your dreams come true”