What is the optimal configuration for EAC for ripping tracks from a badly damaged CD?

Can anyone tell me what settings I should use with exact audio copy to get a quality rip from a CD that is scratched up? The scratches go through the reflective layer of the disk (a Nero CD speed CD Quality check shows something like 500,000 errors) When played, there is a period of about 10 seconds where the cd skips like a broken record and repeats everthing in that area of the song about 3 or 4 times. Thanks.

Hold the CD up to the light and see if you can see holes. If you can it means the reflective layer is damaged. Usually you won’t be able to read those areas. If the data is physically unreadable no program will be able to rip it properly. You can use the slowest mode on EAC, but if the data just isn’t there, it just won’t read.


I don’t know if anybody remembers this trick for scratched cd’s…it was only meant for pressed media. but it’s called “turtle wax”

yes…the same polish you put on your car here to make the your ride shiny.

in “some cases”, you can apply a lil car wax to the bottom of a pressed CD, polish clean, and get your rip. Assuming you scratches are not laminate deep.

Also…I make no claims as to what will happen to the drive as you subject it to a disc with car wax on it…this is best left to your abandoned now $10.00 cd-rom collecting dust to rip…not your shiny new or old reliable cd-rw/dvd whatever…:slight_smile:

Thanks ZigZagMan for bringing this up!

Besides using wax, there are specific chemical solutions for removing scratches, like solutions that remove scratches from plastic eyeglasses.

A quick search on google yielded this: (Looks like such solutions have been available for years…)

Go here to see a collection of reviews about one such product:


Here is an excerpt from one of the reviews which explains how it works. Yes, they also say that wax or fillers can flake and damage the drive!!!


Wipe Out! CD Repair Kit

By Logan Harbaugh (What’s Hot Editor, InformationWeek Magazine)
September 29, 1997 Issue 650

“…Yes, there have been many other products claiming to cure compact disc damage but Wipe Out! is unique in that it isn’t a wax or filler. Those types of products can cause damage to your CD player or CD-ROM drive by flaking off inside the drive mechanism. Wipe Out, on the other hand, is a polishing compound specifically designed to interact with the plastic coating of a compact disc. Instead of just filling the scratches, Wipe Out actually allows you to buff them out permanently. To work its magic, Wipe Out combines three active ingredients including… “a chemical which evaporates quickly and prepares the surface of the CD by “melting” a micro layer of the CD plastic coating, a microabrasive compound which polishes the disc with your help, and a hard wax in liquid form which suspends all of the chemicals long enough to produce the desired results.”…”

Copyright © 1997 CMP Media Inc.

Glad to be of help TekWiz…:slight_smile:

Like I said, I really would’nt put a “waxed disc” in my burner, but if i really wanted to save that disc for one last rip…I’d risk it in my old samsung 24x cd-rom…:slight_smile:

The new kits with the polymer base, we have here in the states now too…have yet to try one, so can’t say good or bad. Can say i’ve tried turtle wax and it does work…atleast temporarily…:bigsmile:

You’re welcome ZigZagMan!

I don’t own a car so I never tried turtle wax or any other, but I think that some of the car wax formulations are also designed to dry to a solid finish and remove scratches? I mean, if the wax stayed waxy–wouldn’t that make dust and dirt stick to the car much more?

Also it’s possible that the formula that melts down the plastic a bit is more effective at removing bad scratches, so if it’s a valuable CD it’s better to try something specifically formulated for CD’s?


P.S. I would think that “Wipe Out” is a U.S. product? That page just happens to be in the U.K. I believe. That’s what’s amazing about the 'net–a page can be anywhere! In fact you don’t really know where a page is–the domain extension means nothing–anyone can register a .com, etc.

Dunno Tekwiz,

But inclined to agree with you about the new compounds as opposed to car wax. Car wax was a solution to a problem before anybody came up with a better one. It seems Wipe-Out is one such solution that I’d be inclined to try out…:slight_smile:

Kinda likea black felt tip marker was a good workaround for protected audio CD’s untill some crafty software came about eh??? :cool:

Take care hoss…peace out