What is the most simple way to back up a ps2 game

I am very new at this burning stuff and i was wondering what is the easiest and most simple way to back up my ps2 games. I already got my ps2 modded so i am ready to go… (i tried using alcohol 120 but it sed my disc doesnt have enought memory to write)

Most PS2 DVD games are only single layer and Alcohol will copy them no problem - it wasn’t by any chance a DL original (such as GT 4)?

I tried using alcohol but it says that there is something wrong with my disc.
It says that there is no disc, or there isnt enough space for writing process or the disc is not blank. It keeps telling me a different problem everytime.

Simplest way for a single layer dvd ps2 game is to use Dvd Decrypter with an Iso read followed by Iso write. :slight_smile: