What is the most protected way to use P2P



been messin around with torrents for a few days, using azureus, downloaded safepeer and peer guardian, is there anything else to make my use of this p2p stuff safer?


goto bluetack’s site and get their BLM and ProtoWall, thats what i use


Drop peerguardian.It’s a massive resource hog.Get Protowall along with the BL manager as mentioned above.I also use Zone Alarm.I’m fine with this setup.Try shareaza and see how much your PC getz hammered.


disregaurd the above 2 posts.

never use any of that crap. these apps have UNVERIFIED ip ranges in them. which means you are blocking places and people you should not be or don’t need to be.

for example i know of a p2p forum that found thier ip address in there just because somebody did not like them.

my own ip address was in there also falsely last year. my best friend found his ip in there just last month.

lol i would not be surprised if your own ip is in there now.

there is no way to block the gov’t or riaa or mpaa or any body else from your pc. it has nothing to do with your pc anyways. this is all bullsh*t.

they catch by your ip address when you come out on the net and request or supply a file/s.

that means when you are donwloading or uploading this can be seen by your isp and all the riaa or mpaa or gov’t or who ever needs to is is see you as a source or see your request on the network, adn then ask your isp to let them monitor your traffic.

at this time you have no idea. if you are lucky your isp will send you a warnning if not riaa and mpaa will record your traffic (which happenes to be sharing of copywrited materials) and then next thing you get is the letter from them. here if you are lucky they will warn you if not you will be going to court.

so all this bs about protecting your self with blocking ip ranges is bullsh*t.

#1 you are never gonna get or even know all ranges they are using. never.

#2 there is no way to verifiy all those ranges for sure.

those 2 equal to you blocking good soruces and places and also a false sense of security, thinking you got them blocked mean while they can easily connect to you with their many ip ranges and no body even knows about.


Some lists will prevent DHCP working, as they stop broadcast ( and the private IP ranges that many cable ISP’s use for the DHCP server.

The known IP ranges are a start, but you DO need to know why they are there, and you have to assume that there may be other ranges, and company snoops using ordinary ISPs.


so all the millions online who fileshare and use IP blockers and firewalls and who haven’t been subpoeonaed by the music industry or the movie industry are morons?You do know that the ones who mainly get caught are the einstein’s that don’t use anything at all?I’m not saying what you mention isn’t somewhat true but come on.


how do you know which did use pg or protowall or anything like that and who did not??

these are, just like the ip ranges, assumptions.

we don’t know what the % is of all the people that got caught is.

plus what about the millions of people who don’t use anything and have not been sued??

till we now the fact for sure this is all bs.

again 95% of people that got caught, got caught by the info on their ip, not by the files they had on their pc after an investigation.

pg or protowall don’t help you at all when it comes to p2p safety. because the riaa and mpaa grab you ip when you come out to request or if you are listed as a source for a file.

run just about client and there is a way to look into the file and what sources it has to connect too.

now if you are one of those sources, i don’t have to connect to you, all i have to do know is just monitore what you are transfering in your line with your isp.
again i don’t need to connect to you to do that. your isp will give that info to me if i was the riaa.

these thing got blown out of proportion. its a joke to think you can stop anybody by blocking their ip address.

there are so many ranges and proxies.

put it this way if me and you wanted to we could come here and create as many accounts as we wanted, even if they banned us here.

all it takes is a proxy. now if this forum or any forum can’t stop me and you, lol you think we can stop the riaa with all their resources??

hell no, its a very false sense of securtiy, and might very well get you caught since you think you can’t be caught.

you get my point.

their idea is a good idea on paper but in reality its a joke.


cause most that you hear or listen to will tell you that they didn’t use firewalls or Ip blockers and most don’t even know what they are.Most that get caught are also using Kazaa media desktop,a spyware infested piece of crap.I agree with you totally that it’s a false sense of security but on the other hand,why are we online at all if they know where we’re at and what’ we’ve taken?These measures we use are just stop gaps until something else comes along.Using something is always better than nothing at all.Remember what the king said,“ain’t nothin’ fool-proof except coupe deville’s and hooker’s”.


if you are sharing files with people - you are not safe. private networks, invite only.


This whole argument is all so irrevelant. The only way to be safe from anything is to do nothing. Why don’t you just block all internet connections then. No one in, no one out. No risk, no gain or loss! Therefore, no fun! Everything in life has consequences, but that can’t stop one from enjoying what they can. Riaa or no Riaa, you can’t let these bullshit assholes dictate your life. If you want to download and upload do it with as much care and safety as you possibly can. No one perfect solution! There will always be people who will make up laws just because they think it’s a moral or ethical issue. People make up laws just because they don’t like you. The laws governing the internet are no different. The law preys on those that are ignorant. Keep your friends close, keep your enemies even closer! No pain, no gain! The only questions that are stupid, are those that aren’t ask! All of these cliches relate to one another in some shape or form. The bottomline in this fucking world is that people are so damn greedy and power hungry. Those who claim to have a lifestyle that is filled with high education and so called “morals” will generally exploit those who lack such sophistication and grace. Moral or not, people are just selfish by nature across all races in all countries. Everything we do revolves around some form of selfishness. Good or bad, it’s just how it is. The world is full of hypocrisy. Safety concerns about the internet aren’t any different. Some swear by peerguardian and protowall, others could careless.

I use protowall and I know that it doesn’t completely protect me. Worst senario, it doesn’t protect me at all for all I know. I have to believe in something, or else why live
at all. Sooner or later, you have to have faith. Dishonesty is all around you. But you can’t let that govern how you use the internet and other things in life. Bullshit or no bullshit, reality tells you that one can never be completely safe. Just stepping out of your front door can be dangerous.


Very interseting diatribes happening on this forum, but as a newbie can I ask you very opinionated members an opinion. is it possible for me to download protectiion for free as I am now paying for a new computer, have just gotten married, and my wife is alreadywith child. I have subscribed to etomi and am a bit worried about viruses trojans etc. My computer already has a trojan on it that my Norton tells me is there but does nothing about as well as some adware that it ignores any help for a poor newcomer pleeeeease. soory I just relised this should be in the newbies forum but I only know how to edit it.


Welcome to the forum. Excuse me for the excessive cursing there. It’s just that people always argue about the most stupid of things. We never really see the bottomline because the surface is filled with crap.

For free firewall protection, you can just use Windows XP Pro’s built in one (Internet Connection Firewall). It’s not very good, but for beginners it’s useful. For a separate application, you can also use Kerio’s Limited Edition Personal Firewall for free. Agnitum also has a free firewall version of their popular Outpost firewall. Although the most popular firewalls aren’t free, but they generally offer more features. These payware firewalls are Sygate, ZoneAlarm, Outpost, Tiny, Black Ice Defender, and many more.
Take a look at this link: http://www.free-firewall.org/

A now free trojan scanner is Anti-Trojan 5.5 (now known as a2 free). Read about it here: http://www.emsisoft.com/en/
Other interesting reads: http://www.wilderssecurity.com/showthread.php?p=377574#post377574

Trendmicro has a free antivirus/trojan: http://www.trendmicro.com/download/dcs.asp
(Download Sysclean Package and latest virus patterns)

Arguably the best trojan defense application is TDS-3. It’s not free though. The most popular and well-known Trojan Hunter, Trojan Remover, Black Ice Defender, etc… are not free as well. Of course, many others as well.

Not too many free anti-virus anymore. One if I recall is AVG: http://free.grisoft.com/doc/1
Another is Avast: http://www.avast.com/eng/avast_cleaner.html
Of course Trend Micro as I mentioned before as well.

The most popular and well-known anti-virus scanners are Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky, Dr.Web, Nod32, Panda, Sophos, EZ Antivirus, F-Secure, Penicillin, Trend Micro, AVG, BitDefender, and many more are unfortunately not free. Nod32, Dr.Web, Kaspersky, and F-Secure are arguably well-respected.

For free spyware removal, you can use SpyBot. Others may recommend something different. HiJackThis is also a useful software. Lavasoft’s Ad-aware “free version” is also good. Again, other useful spyware removal applications that aren’t free are Spy Sweeper, Ad-aware SE, PestPatrol, BPS SpyWare, Aluria’s SpyWare Eliminator, and many more that others can recommend.

Of course, Protowall, PeerGuardian, Bluetack’s Blocklist Manager (BLM) are also free and well-known IP Blockers.

Best advice for protection is to use common sense. If you don’t know what it is, don’t open it. Delete it immediately. Go to sites that you trust. If you must surf to dangerous sites or sites that you are less familair with, I recommend a change of browser. Use Mozilla or Mozilla FireFox, Netscape, Opera, and many more for these browsers are excellent for protecting you from dangerous malwares, viruses, trojans, worms, spywares, keyloggers, etc… I personally use FireFox and love it. On a rare occasion, I may still have to use Internet Explorer. Surf with care. Disable javascripts, activeXs, and cookies in any browser that you use for sites that don’t require them.
The web pages and sites that you visit may not display in the best appearance, but you will generally be safer from attacks.

I can recommend many more types of softwares and modes of protection in the future.
For now, I think the current list is a good start. Other members can contribute as they please. Hang in there. I’m certain that the intelligent members here can further help you out. Later.


Look here for just about anything you want http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=128075

Now back on topic. I understand what everyone is saying, but would like to ask about ip spoofing. I know you cant prevent the government but I do know some of the websites I go to sometimes has something in the corner that shows your OS and ip and so on. but the ip it shows for me is different the the one that is actually for my pc, due to ip spoffer

my question Is this a better way then using some of the programs listed above?


One of the best way to protect your data transmission is to encrypt it. This can be done via IPSec, SSL , SSH or whatever secure protocol you decide. Note that unsecure transfers (FTP, Telnet, P2p, standard TCP) can always be captured.

One of the best way to protect your ip address? Use lot’s of NAT’s (Network Address Translators) and Proxies. This will slow down the tracability enormously. Unfortunately it will also slow down your connection. You should probably ask someone from China, since their government carefully regulates and censors the internet traffic coming to and from China :slight_smile:

The third thing to realize is that no matter how secure or anonymous your connection and transfer are, you cannot hide for the full 100% on planet Earth. Period.


Excellent points, Mr. Belvedere!


being online is not illegal, if you are refering to sharing, every body is talking a gamble, because every body thinks it won’t happen to them.

and with all do respect something is not always better then nothing. due to the fact that most times that something will give you a false feeling which inturn will be exactly where you gonna get it from since you thought you were covered.

and yes file sharing is like sex, the only way to be safe is not to have it at all. :wink:


Remember Nullsoft’s WASTE.EXE ? :slight_smile:


Wow, this is an outstanding thread! totally on the cutting edge of my and many others interests. personally i am with the something is better than nothing group. i use log on to the internet through ghostsurf the i use a popular p2p to download. the p2p program says the download are encrypted…but to ensure my ip is masked ghostsurf send my internet connection through several proxy severs so my ip when check at sites like privacy.net always show some wacked number. here a brief description of ghostsurf.

"By surfing the Web you are exposed to hackers, bombarded by advertisements and subjected to spyware. Everything you do and download online can be watched. Tenebril’s GhostSurf is the solution.

Both editions of GhostSurf provide an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection and erase traces of your surfing to Department of Defense standards.

GhostSurf 2005 Platinum also stops spyware, eliminates ads and provides a secure location to store your confidential documents."

one more thing, as citizens of the U.S. we have a right to privacy…provide under the constitution…but in todays world and with the current administrations “war on terrorism” and radification of the patirot act the scurtiny of the internet use and email has severely increased.


Yeah, too bad the feds don’t care about it and have the Department of Defense in their pocket :slight_smile:

(This is not meant to be insulting in any way, just observation and personal opinion of perspective)

I found this little review on pc magazine and a user comment about GhostSurf.


If you only care to use GhostSurf with your web browser, then yes it will work great and you will be very happy with it. However, if you try to use it with mIRC (as you are supposed to be able to)… good luck! There does not appear to be any reasonable way to get identd or DCC file transfer to work with it. The worst part is their tech support… in India. They don’t have a clue about anything other then what you can already find in the online help files, no joke. If you call them for phone support, get out your credit card. They want close to $10 for what they call unlimited, lifetime support on any product. Now, I admit that doesn’t sound too bad, but why would you want to pay anything more when you have already paid for the software and it won’t work? Also, why pay for tech support when you can’t understand them and they don’t understand technology? I sent them a very comprehensive email message on the problem, very detailed and clear to understand. In so many words I told them; please provide me with detailed instructions on how to setup GhostSurf to work with mIRC 6.16. I told them I needed to be able to connect with any server, any channel, for identd to work and also DCC send and receive file transfers. What did I get back? A form letter saying to check the online help files and a link to a non Tenebril website with NO information about using mIRC with GhostSurf. The only thing I feel good about is that I wasn’t stupid enough to fork over my $10 to their “tech support team”.


i know this is off topic but they will have difficulty enforcing copywrite law in scotland becuase their is this guy in glasgow who sells pireted cd’s and dvd’s in a shop on a main road in glasgow he’s been at it for year’s and only recently he has been jailed for six months then when he got out in a very short time he opened the same shop up a gain i even wached him on the local news report and was laughing at the reporter who did a story on him the anti copywrite people have been after him for years and they still have’nt stoped him