What is the most disks you have burned in a week?

I have burned about 100 in the last week, and half that the week before I think. Things are getting messy around here (stacks of disks everywhere). I spent a while just going through disks, poping them in the computer to see what they were and labeling them earlier (I’m bad about not labeling them when I burn them). I am of course begining the process of cleaning house on my computer though (this is not normal consumption for me). I have had both computers transcoding at least half the time over the last few weeks. When I am around to attend to it I burn stuff that doesn’t require converting. It of course takes a lot more dvd’s when you convert xvid etc. to dvd format than it would burning data so thats taking lots of disks.

What is the most you have burned in a week (for personal consumption, not professional or buisness related)?

I’d say most in one week was 15 or so DVD’s - I’m not real heavy in useage so that is about maximum for me.

Now in one weekend I did about 75 CD-R’s worth of music for work from backing up my audio cd collection so I didn’t have to drag the originals to work and ruin them. Of course, CD-R’s go rather quickly these days considering you can burn a full one at 16x in about 5-6 minutes, hehe.

I would imagine that is about the only way you would burn that many disks of anykind, burning a colection of something or other to disk (the whole colection), something that you would not normally burn from day to day. I was doing double copys of the transcoded stuff since I’m going to delete it off my computer but that was going through disks way to fast. Now I’m doing double backup of the originals (data format so lots more per disk) and only burning single copys of the transcoded disks.
I would like to know how fast people are going through disks that are backing up thier vhs colection to dvd? I guess capturing time would be a limiting factor their though.

50 max, @ripit: I’m waiting for a LightScribe burner, they’re perfect for people with a bad handwriting.

LightScribe would be pretty cool if the disks are not too expensive. I guess well see soon…

Once i came back from a lan party and burned around 40 dvd’s in a weekend:)

Some years ago I “produced” cds for a band of friends of mine. I burned 1200 cds in just 2 weeks time (using 2 burners at once). Damn that was a lot :slight_smile:

hmm… I think not more then 50 in a week… I hate burning like a CD factory!

About 100. It was in preparation for a gig on a boat cruising Sydney Harbour… so I couldn’t use my records. So I had to dump them all to CD using Sound Forge to record them. Bleh.

I know what you mean. I’m slowing down because I’m getting pretty burned out on transcoding and burning. I’m going to keep working on it (years of accumulated crap to clean off my computer) but not all the time anymore.
Dee-ehn, your not kidding when you say damn that was a lot!!! Doing it with only two burners, you must have sat thier burning non stop, always attending to it. I bet you didn’t want to see another disk for a while after that!!!

100 cds

I can only agree! I am not a machine and hate running like one when I’m at home and supposed to be relaxing. 15-20 is the most I can handle in a weeks time, I get very bored of it after awhile, hehe.

200 CDs for a person who needed 200 copies, and about 50 DVDs when I was testing DVD media.

Ben :slight_smile:

the most disks I ever burned in a week is about 30.


from what I hear it takes lightscribe 40 -45 min to burn a disk better buy several of them if you want to burn 50 disks in a week…LOL

Ouch, thats pretty slow. I wonder how good the image quality is?

Ouch, thats pretty slow. I wonder how good the image quality is?

I havnt seen one in real life but the pics I have seen posted of the output reminds me of old thermal paper faxes. I have also read that the image will degrade with prolonged exposure to bright light or sunlight.

ouch, that’s much pr0n! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Actually it takes approx. 23 min. in the highest quality mode to print a label with lightscribe. See review with pictures below:


I do too many for any week.