What is the most compatible format for burning a Data DVD

Could you please tell me what is the best format for burning data DVD. I have tried burning ISO 9660, 9660+Joilet and 9660:1999 using Nero Burning ROM 7 and also have tried UDF disc’s, but my laptop cannot read the DVD. Which is the most compatible format. If you have any recemmendations, please lemme know.


Did you finalize the discs?
O/S used?
Did you use the same discs (manufacture/make/speed) before with you laptop? Was it able to read them?

( UDF is mainly used for RWs )

Yes, I finalized the disk (I started the process with “no multisession” and checked the “finalize disc (no furthur writing possible)” select button . I use Windows xp Professional SP2. The media is Imation DVD-R 4x. My laptop is Acer Travelmate 4001 series and it has a DVD/CD-RW drive…

It’s not a matter of the format, but the media.
Seems like your laptop drive doesn’t like the imation media.

Generally 9660 + Joliet will suffice, UDF is also fine.

Can you stick one of your imation disks in your burner & run the nero infotool (please remove your nero serial number) and post the log.

Would also help if you told us your laptop drive model number & firmware (the nero infotool will tell you this).

Please make sure that you select “multisession” in the Nero here is the way it should look like:

Or try this website with a similar problem.


Imation media is not good quality and should be avoided.

I wouldn’t say that…some of the mediacodes they’ve used (CMC MAG. E01 and MBIPG101 R04 spring to mind) have been very good on my burners.

I have Imation-branded CMC MAG. E01 that I can still read perfectly after two years :wink:

Anyway…as Debro said, it sounds like the lappy doesn’t like the mediacode used.

Excuse my noob question. Is it possible it’s just a ‘+’ or ‘-’ issue ?

And fwiw I have a niece who’s laptop couldn’t handle any DVD media discs I burned if I didn’t set Nero to high compatability mode. (Yeah I know the post says data… but you got nothing to loose but another disc to try.

edit It’s possibly a “+” or “-” issue, but it’s highly doubtful. + or - media is not an issue with any modern PC optical drives (aka, anything released in the last 2 years or so)./Edit

Laptop optical drives are notoriously picky with their media.
I have a (grrrrr) Dell laptop supplied from work, and I can’t even get mitsubishi/verbatim MCC003/MCC004/MCC-RG01 or RG03’s working. Generic media’s don’t aren’t recognised at all …

Once again, Taiyo Yuden media shines through & lives up to it’s reputation. It works … just barely - lots of seeks/re-reads though.

Multisession discs don’t seem to work at all either … in the laptop drive, so using MVs advice to use multisession (why, if you aren’t using the disk as a running backup???) is downright poor advice.

Multisession for what??

I’d recommend to use UDF/ISO.

debro makes a good point about + aand - being supported by recent drives.
But, being a combo recalls me that my laptop’s has a tosh 6112 that does only the “minus” discs and reads RAM.
So, against the odds have a look to this point also.

I probably should have mentioned that toshiba & panasonic both make abysmal laptop drives …

Either way, the answer is likely just two letters: TY.