What is THE most compatible brand media for you? State burner, player etc

Wow, after a dozen brands with my 1620 and 2510s I’ve found one that plays flawlessly in all 5 dvd players (Apex 1500, Zenith, Playstation, XBOX, and Sony) and friend’s dvd players (Sony Vaio, JVC).

drum roll

Fujifilm03 DVD-Rs these happened to be branded as Staples brand -r’s on sale two weeks ago for $7.94 / 25

Yeah, not very exciting perhaps but out of my TYs, Sony’s, TDK’s, CMC’s these Fujifilm03s have batted 100%.

I hope I can find more of these for a good deal.

Chime in on what’s worked most consistently for you…

Wow, after a dozen brands with my 1620 and 2510s
Have you flashed the 1620 to G firmware? The standard B lacks alot of media compatibility.
For me on a Sony DRU510A Flashed to 1.1a F/W, TDK +or- is always flawless. +=RICOHJPN, -=TTGO2. Works on Hyundai, Conia, DSE, Panasonic, Pioneer, and Sony Standalones, PS2, and Xbox as well.

Hmm… No I haven’t, I’ve got the B7S9. I’ll try it out.

However it seems to me that I’ve not had any problems with the actually burning, but rather the playability on various players. I chaulked this up to the media. The only media that’s played flawlessly on all the players and friend’s players is the fujifilm03.

Are you suggesting that a firmware upgrade will enable a dvd to play on a particular player where it otherwise wouldn’t?

Are you suggesting that a firmware upgrade will enable a dvd to play on a particular player where it otherwise wouldn’t?
Most definately. It does also come down to good media vs bad, but when you said: Taiyo Yuden and TDK, I knew something else was amiss. These are two first class media’s, provided their genuine. A Firmware upgrade will increase your compatibility with different brands, and in this case I know the G Firmware will improve this writer dramatically.

Excellent! Thank you Pollushon…I’ll give it a shot right now and report back.


The Ritek 8x -R’s (G05) have done real well for me and are my “workhorse” media that I burn most of my movies to-


unlike Mike I use the ritek 8x +r (Ritek R03) and have used the ricohjpnR01 and they have been flawless on anything i have used them on

The R03 work well at 10x-12x as well do the R01 work good at 8x

My favorite is ricohjpnr01. I have burned shit loads of these (most at 8x recentlly) in my liteon 851s@832s and my nec3500 (mad dog) and never have any problems getting exelent burns nor any problems playing (I always bitset of course).

NEC 3520 - maxellrg02,ricohjp01,ritekg05,yuden002
plextor 708 - ricohjp01(the best),yuden002,maxellrg02,MCC002 and 003

Right On rfjr23. It’s about time that someone else, (besides me) tells my gullable friend Mr. BM7 that +'s do work well also. BRAVO!!!


be carefull when recommendind ty002 right now. their a a bunch of “b grade” floating arround right now. it seems that much of it is being sold as fuji 8x+ made in japan. I have also heard reports of bad tdk (ty002) MIJ. If you are going to get ty’s right know i reccomend going with ty branded from a repuatable online retailer like rima.com

I agree.I have about 20 of these left and when there gone,there gone.On the 3520,the burns are best at 8x and 12x for me.The plex 708 has never had problems with em.Not one coaster.Lately it’s been strictly Maxell MID.

Hey spryfly…

If this is indeed the case about the Fuji’s, then I’m a fortunate one that didn’t run into this. About 1 to 1&1/2 months ago, Best Buy screwed up on an add. If you were one of the fortunate ones to hit a store before the Mgmnt. found it (like I was) you could(and I did) make a haul. I got 20, 25pks, of Fuji 8X+R’s for $3.99 each. They are indeed TY T02’s and I’m a happy camper. I have found at the same store, some TDK’s that had a sticker stating made in Japan that was put directley over the area above the UPC where the original was , stating made in Taiwan. Dumb asses didn’t even use a thick enough grade of paper on the sticker so you could plainly see right through it if you looked in the right light. A friend got some of those and they were junk. You still can get the real deal at retailers but you really have to pay attention to certain factors.


Just out of curosity, how many of you that got bad fuji ty got it at fry’s and how many got it elsewhere?

if you look arround on the forum most got them from bestbuy…although this probably because they had them at .40 each for about a month in various spindle sizes.

I was just curious because I got some questionable stuff from frys but that was a while back. I seem to remember reading about lots of people buying fuji from bb recently though. I was wondering if it was only one store (like maybe they bought some second grade media cheap thay fuji wanted to get rid of, which would not suprise me from frys). I guess that is probably all fuji that may be suspect though, not just fuji from a specific store.

Hey ripit…
Like I said earlier, I must of gotten lucky cuz my bb Fuji is GREAT. But this also was back when you started that quality media thread that I helped out on. So maybe there’s 2 different batches or just certain parts of the country. Beats the hell out of me. Be nice to put a direct finger on it though!!!


They probably did have a production run that was bad so it probably didn’t make it everywhere. I was just curious though. If I buy any more media right now (not that I need to) it will probably be some of the verbatim that on sale. I have been wanting to try some 8x mcc media.

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Hey ripit…

You’ll like it. I got some the last time BB had it on sale and have not had a coaster yet. Only down side (and it’s small) is that it only maxes out at 12X with the hacked F/W. But if I can get a good quakity burn, I’ll gladly waite an extra whopping 1 minute give or take.