What is the most awkward situation you've ever been in?

Mine was probably the day my fellow classroom mates decided to take all my stuff while i was taking a shower…

Well…father of my ex-girlfriend, who supposed to be fishing in the lake, stepping in “not in the most suitable moment”. Behaved absolutely naturely and said: “Hmm…I just came for a bottle of light wine…please…carry on”. And left.

In the evening we had a drink after dinner, pretending like nothing had happened.

I’ve had a few awkward situations, one that comes to mind and quite recently.
My mum was babysitting for me, me mum always has to keep busy.
There was a basket of washing which i hadn’t got around to ironing, she very kindly ironed for me. and put the clothes neatly on my bed for me to put away when i came home.
Unfortunately, i had left what can only be described as an adult toy laying on the floor. :o She said nothing when i came home, but she had put a label on the toy which said “Put me away”

That is a very cool action of your mum :smiley:

Hmm let me think. Ah yes… I remember two.

First: I have a cousin that always had (very big) issues with his parents. One day his sister found out that he had some porn magazines in his bedroom. She blackmailed him that she’d tell the parents. As he didn’t want to throw them away, he asked me to store them for 'em. Okay, why not, let’s help this guy. Of course, my mother found the mags on my room. She was quiet upset (my parents are pretty conservative and I was only 13 or so at that time). As I didn’t want my cousins parents to find out about the mags, I took the full blame. Damn :).

Another awkward situation was when I set my carpet on fire. When I was twelve I got the stupid idea to light a piece of fireworks with an empty lighter (idea: it’ll never ignite). Well… I succeeded and I set a spot of my bedroom’s carpet on fire. As this produced an awesome smell I coulnd’t do much about it. I sprayed the entire floor with my dad’s aftershave, painted the burn spot gray (same color as the floor) and pretended nothing happened. Of course, my parents found out in about an hour. So what did happen here? Euh well I left the soldering pistol on, burning my carpet. Like they believed that :wink:

Mmmm - well years ago when I lived at home I was ahem with my girlfriend in my bedroom enjoying some “private time” when my dopey brother walked in to borrow a CD !! Talk about embarrassing… the twit just kinda looked raised an eyebrow, picked up the cd and walked out again.

Lying under the bed of a woman, because suddenly her 12 year old daughter came back from school!!! :eek:

2 weeks later, we ended the “relationship”.

Hmm, one non-pr0n related thing comes to mind;

My brother got some additional education once in a while in the evening. I was supposed to drive him in my dad’s car. So on one evening i dropped him off, put the pedal to the medal and drove off in high speed (Just had my driver’s license).

Unfortunately the road decided to make a left turn, but the car had other plans. All wheels locked and the car slided forward. Stepping on the brakes didn’t really work as i would have thought and slowly i saw this parked big white van coming towards my dad’s car. My brother and his teacher were both watching as the car stopped within an inch of the van’s bumper. I was scared as hell, but got out of the car and waved that everything was ok. On my way back to home i hoped my brother hadn’t called the parents. I would be in serious trouble.

Back home, i went into the house, saw mum watching tv and dad just reading his newspaper so i thought i was off the hook. I went upstairs to my room for some gaming quality time. The moment i set foot on the stairs my dad said, without ever diverting his eyes from his paper, “Don’t do that ever again to my car please.”


chasing this guy for 3 blocks as the game turned on me when he stopped and started running at me with a pistol.

Ohhh… was that you???

LOL im gonna git u sucka

Great dad you have!!

Mine would kick my ass the minute I came in. :iagree:

My dad is one of those semi-don’t-care persons. If i would get in serious trouble, you bet i got serious punishment, but normally a quick word or just a look was more than enough. If the car would have been damaged, i would have paid for it 100%.

Even further back then my friends were very envious i could go out as long as i wanted, but they had to be home before 23:00.

driving in my car from a university class with alot on my mind, i turned the corner to arrive on the home stretch to a long awaited nap. As i did. i lifted up to relieve a gas bubble in my stomach. i sudenly felt a warm wet sensation that didnt belong. yes i sharted. the last .25 mile driving that stick shift with my bum lifted off the seat was bad enough. only to pull in the driveway to see my mom entertaining guests. man i bet they thought i was an antisocial college rebel. but i guess theres worse they could of known.


:o That reminds me. One summer I was staying with my Grandparents. I left a particularly raunchy porno mag on my grandma’s bed because I went in there to answer the phone. It was on my bed when I got home from the bar that night. How embarassing :eek:

Why were u chasing him? And why didnt he pull the gat earlier.

he owed me money and i slapped him before when he pulled the get out on me coz i know he is a bia, but at that moment he looked desperatly disturbed so i had to run and hide. Never know what desperation can lead to when there is money and violence involved.