What is the meaning of X

when using cd writer , i know that the meaning

of 12x , or 24x is 12150 kb/s OR 24150 kb/s

but when using DVD-RW

is it the same or not?

cause i know that there is only 4X or 8X DVD-RW

>>>>? :confused:

x is the representitive of a medias native playback speed, a 40x recorder wil record a 80 min cd in 2 mins and 80 mins divided by 40 = 2, now a dvd is not video or ddata time but its write speed is one seventh of a cds recording at the same speed in mbps, so a cd writing at 1,200bbps may be 28x and a dvd writing at 4x, i think thats right, PLEASE SOMEBODY CORRECT ME IF IM WRONG!!! :wink:

I think 1x DVD is ~1380 kbyte/s.

1X in cd is 150kb
1X in dvd is 1385kb

thanks for correcting me, mr burns and mcbyte :wink:

thanx all

i didnt think that the answer will be so fast like this…

again than alot for all of u…

thats wot we r here 4 :smiley: