What is the max number of files can fit in a DVD+R and/or DVD+RW?

What is the maximum number of files that I can burn into a DVD+R disc ? DVD+RW ?

( I posted a copy of this in the newbie forum and got no reply since yesterday.)

I have 48,332 files (mostly icons fiels, in jpg and gif format and some txt files), in 444 folders, 3.91GB in size. I tried to save/burn them into a single DVD+r and DVD+RW and failed.

I was using Nero, HP Pavilion 5300 laptop with a Sony DVD+RW DW-P50A dvd burner. I have tried on 2 DVD+R and the Nero said “burned Failed”. I then burned the same 48,332 files into a DVD+RW, and Nero said I have burned successfully.

Then I tried to read those files using the same Sony DVD drive on my HP, I could only read some of the files(i would said 60% of 48,332files) on both the DVD+R(Nero said Failed) and DVD+RW(Nero said Successful)discs. I could see all 444 folders/directories and all 48,332 file-names on the DVD+R and DVD+RW discs.

Most of the files are 35k to 100k in size. Does the number of files can be burned into a DVD+R limits by the number of sectors in a DVD+R (32,768sectors)? Same thing for the DVD+RW ?

( See Why DVD+R(W) is superior to DVD-R(W), dated June 2003, by Michael Spath , one of the advantages of DVD+ is “the OPC test area of DVD+ is 32768 sectors in total, compared to 7088 sectors for DVD-.” )


The number of files shouldn’t affect the burning process. I regularly burn a database, with over 70,000 files in several hundred directories, onto CDR.
Most likely, your hard drive is not fast enough for the jub, laptop HD’s can be pretty slow. The HD has to seek and access the file tables, and index the files, all of which can slow even a high-performance HD to a crawl. You would expect to see your read buffer drop during the burn if this were the issue. You can overcome this problem by setting Nero to cache the files prior to the burn. “Cache files smaller than…” is the setting. You could also avoid this issue by first writing the session to the image recorder, then later do a “burn image” of the file to disc.