What is the lowest % that you would shrink a movie down?

if using dvdshrink, what is the lowest % you would consider acceptable quality? i try to keep most of mine above 80%, but there are a few movies that will only fit on the dvd5 at 60%. would this look like crap?

Depends on your age, the size of your screen, and the source material. I can tolerate most newer discs at 55% on a 32 inch progressive scan HDTV, or 27 inch standard TV. The very notible exception is older BBC TV which just won’t tolerate any shrinkage.

Same here. On a 27 inch tv and or a high resolution computer monitor, in most cases high compression looks just fine. If you have realy good eye site (I’m 32 and my eyesite is 20/20, but some people see beter than others), and a big tv it might make a diffrence. Most often, when I hear people complaining, it is on very large high resolution tv’s. Also, as chas0039 pointed out, it depends on the content/original quality. Believe it or not, anamation (even simple anamation like the family guy, southpark) can be the most visable if you use high compression. The compression doesn’t use a texture maping kind of alogorythm, but rather a pixel replacment/averaging alogorythm, so smooth areas as seen in cartoons can reall suffer.

this topic hasbeen played out

insert people arguing about splitting discs vs. compressing.

80% limit vs 60%

add in the immense number of variables

plus the fact that it’s bitrate and not compression percentage that matters

and you get:


Well I haven’t read a huge number of posts in the last 6 months on this subject and most compression programs make no mention of bitrate just compression ratio. So it seems like a legitimate question for a reletively new user who is trying to get a handle on what he might experience. I don’t see a feud here.

Just my perception.

i’ve seen a lot of posts about this very recently, not to mention there’s a sticky thread about it inthe copydvd forum.

not trying to start a fight, there are just so many variables and it’s gone over once a week or so.

the best advice is always to just use what looks right on your setup with your eyes.

hmnmmm i got a 37in hdtv, and thats what i will be watching it on.
the original quality to begin with isnt that great.

Guess I just missed them. As you say, it is all relative.

As others have mentioned, it depends a lot on the source material and your personal viewing standards. I’ve personally had excellent results with high compression settings with some movies, but it’s not the majority.

This said I never go anymore under 80%, not because of the resuts, but because of the awwwwwwful amount of time it takes! :doh: - I prefer the splitting option :bigsmile: (changing the disc doesn’t bother me at all, I’ve been used to intermissions since they were the norm in european theatres until the mid-80’s :wink: - actually I kinda like the forced break).

If its just a backup of my DVD’s then I usually make all the extra’s as small as possible, strip out any extra sound tracks that I will never use (I have no DTS decoder so that goes) and then try and get away with as little compression on the main movie as possible.

E.g. I have just backed up Starwars Episode 4. I stripped all the multi angle options that give the multi language start, also removed all the extra soundtracks and subtitles but kept all the extras with maximum compression and ended up with very little compression on the main movie in the end.

I’d (almost) go along with qwakrz on this one.

But I strip out everything except the main movie. Get rid of all the angles/foreign languages/extra scenes/deleted scenes etc etc. The movie should then easily fit onto a single DVD (or with the minimum of compression).

I’d recommend doing this and giving it a spin, try it on your TV and see how it looks!

Ditto! The only time I backup a complete disk is a Childrens disk with games on it!
I use Shrink to delete the credits and intro. Most movies will be 100% without the crap! 2.5 hour movies you can get as high as 79%.

I do the same as James, with one exception, I keep the English subtitles as I have friends who are deaf and so when we have a movie night the subtitles are needed. I find after getting rid of everything else as they are not needed it fits on to a SL disc easily.

ok thx for all the info, but do all movies have angles? how do you rip out the angles that you guys are talking about?

Look at this url:

Nope, mostly you’ll find them on good Concert-DVDs.

… or on localized disney-dvd’s (e.g. the incredibles) where some scenes have e.g. showing a newspaper in your language :wink:

Not in my cases. I’ve shrinked movies up to 40% of their original size and it’s still acceptable.

However, i do take my time to shrink it properly. I let it perform deep analysis, get rid of all the useless audio tracks and use the highest quality conversion method.

wow, 40% - that’s slightly above SVCD-bitrate :wink: