What is the lifespan of a new Plextor?

I have a fairly new PlexWriter 40/12/40A. ---- I use plextools for DAE on my audio cd’s quite frequently. (some of which are damaged and require multiple passes over damaged sectors, but not that many)

My goal is to backup all my audio discs, and all my dvd’s with divx on cd. Then I can keep the originals safe & use the backups without fear of scratching them.

I plan on burning at least 2000 discs (mabye even more) during 2003, and doing DAE on several hundred more audio cd’s with the same drive. – But I’ll do this in reasonable increments: Burning 20 discs in a row, then no more for that day… Ripping 10 or 15 audio discs in a row, then no more for that day… etc…

Should I get another Plextor so that the two drives can share the work? I read in another post on this forum that Plextors are the best for withstanding extreme usage like this, but how much is too much?

Also, does the burn-quality of plextors get worse as the drive nears its death?

— thanks in advance to all who reply :bow:

Plextor should take that much, but of course, i would not recommend burning 20 disks in row, just to be sure, as for example the new drives do not have a fan anymore. If i were you, i would get another drive so i could write in turns so the other drive can cool down while other one writes, and in those amount of burned disks the price of the drive is not significant anymore. This way you´ll also halve the risk of killing your drive and getting poor write quality. I think that in all CD-RW drives the writing quality will begin to drop evetually before final death of the laser pickup. I´ve used about 5-10 drives until their death since the birth of CD-R drives and all that have died naturally by age/usage have had a notable reduce in writing quality especially in the highest speeds. In some drives there have been a bigger drop, some smaller. The component that will give you the 1st problems is always the laser pickup (if ageing goes “naturally” without any defects). The power of the laser pickup starts to weaken from the first disk.