What is the life span of dvd burners?

I have an LG dvd burner and have had it for about 2 years and it is starting to give me spme problem and I was just wondering what is the average life span for a dvd burner anyway??? 2 years? 5 years? what?? How long until I have to go out and buy another one?? Do companys just build things that last only a short time just so they can keep you coming back to buy more fro them?? Or do some companys build such good products that you only need buy one item and it will last for ever??? :confused:

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Nothing will last for ever, not even our planet /joke. :slight_smile:

Earlier drives were more regid built than nowdays mass production stuff made in China.
My HP cd burner from 1997 is still burning cd’s with high quality, although I have problem to find compatible media for it.
In contrary, my new Lite-On 20x dvd burner build quality leaves much to desire. Weak, cheap materials, vibrating and questionable production quality control.
I’m sure my HP cd burner will be up and kicking when Litey has long gone to Valhalla.

Sensmoral of all this, your (new) burner might last one day or 10 years. It all depends on far to many unknown factors for generating a more precise answer. :wink:

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If I remember correctly it’s about 10.000 hrs of burning so if you are burning a DVD each day it works out at 54 years and 79 days and if you burn a DVD once a week it should last you 386 years and 46 days :slight_smile:

Yes thats exactly correct :slight_smile:

Thanks pinto2 for your reply! :slight_smile: You seem to know about dvd burners so may I ask you another question please???

Ask me me me me me. No just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi coathi, I wish my LG dvd burner would have lasted longer!! :slight_smile:

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You can always ask but I’m not sure I can give you an answer.
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That 10,000 hours of [I]on time[/I], not burning time.

For example, Lite-On specifies; MTBF (Life) [B]70000[/B] [B]POH[/B]
First, all optical drives manufacturer specify [B]M[/B]ean [B]T[/B]ime [B]B[/B]efore [B]F[/B]ailure to about 70.000 hours ([B]P[/B]ower [B]O[/B]n [B]H[/B]ours).

Say we have our compu powered on for about 2 hours every day. This will give a POT (Power On Time) of ~730h/year.
With 70.000h life span before failure drive should techically be able to function for about 95 years (70000/730). :rolleyes: :smiley:
I’m not that good on math guys, so you better check me up (it’s also late here, bedtime).

yes you might be correct :slight_smile:
who would keep their burner on when not burning ??? :slight_smile:

I would be shocked if the 10000 hour thing is true. I have had my fair share of cd burners go bad on me. They all would suddenly not complete burn process or I would have chimunks on my cds. And then one day they would refuse to burn at all. The one thing i have always been curious about is why cd burners quit burning but they still can read cds and to some extent still rip them… that is how it has always worked for me at least.

What a silly way of interpreting specs :smiley: The 10,000 hours is a POH MTBF, meaning Power On Hours. For a usage cycle you would take usually 20-25% of POH, that is no way a garantee of how long your drive will last there are many factors. On average for frequent burning 1 to 2 years, perhaps double that for occasional burn - I have a side job and mass produce CD/DVDs for presentations, videos etc for companies and have burnt over 1000 DVDs with my LITEON 1633 and it’s still kicking except the bloody CD-R diode has failed. My new 20A1p so far has burnt over 300 and still kicking.

Hi greg42, May I ask you a question regarding dvd burners please?


You don’t need permission to ask a question…just shoot. Hopefully someone will answer… :wink:

my LG dvd burner is just not letting me back up my kids dvds it will burn them but at stupid times remaining like 57 hours what do this mean when the time remaining is big like this??

If it is in a computer that is turned on, then the drive is powered on. This is what I understand as the measured life.

“Senior Associate Editor Melissa J. Perenson responds: Optical drive vendors tell me that the expected point of failure for a DVD±RW burner is about 50,000 to 75,000 hours of operation–whether the PC is active, or simply drawing power in standby mode. Although a drive failure can occur after just a few months of vigorous use, the best drives can last five years or even more. Heat is your drive’s greatest enemy; you can avoid premature failure by ensuring your PC has good internal air circulation.”

Depends how much and how you are using it bur 5 years may be safe estimate.

Maybe your drive is in PIO mode.