What is the latest TLA for the PX 716?

What is the latest TLA available for the PX 716?


Bob Shem

Hi !
Never hear more than TLA 0203. Fw 1.04 is released, so may be you can find 0204.
But it is the 0203, after fw upgrade.

02xx is the latest hardware I’ve seen. After the upgrade to 1.04 the TLA would be 0204.

Is there any way to know when the third hardware revision (TLA 03XX) will be made available, if ever?

Does anyone have an opinion as to whether or not the lastest hardware revision (TLA 02XX) is any better than the original hardware revision (01XX)?

Does anyone know what was changed in the hardware between the 01 and 02 hardware revisions?


Bob Shem

The original hardware revision was actually 00xx, and it seems to be the most problematic. Tom Roper has a TLA 01xx drive I believe, and his seems to be working just fine with firmware 1.04, but if I had a choice I’d chose an 02xx drive. I don’t think any of us are privy to what was actually changed inbetween revisions.

This question has been asked before but it’s one we cannot answer. Plextor will never tell us what they changed exactly. There is also no real proof that TLA 02xx is better than TLA 00xx. Some people have reported good results using drives of TLA 00xx and 01xx. But, if you decide to buy a new drive today you will probably get a TLA 02xx. My drive (TLA 02xx) works very well with firmware 1.04 installed and others can confirm this as well. Take a look at some of the scans done by zevia, they are excellent.

I have a TLA:0101 drive with 1.04 fw and my scan look just as good as scans posted of TLA:0202 drives with 1.04. as was stated above we have no clue what was changed from TLA:00xx to 02xx for all we know it could be the paint colour on the case.

another testament here: i’ve got both 01 and 02 and they perform nearly identically, and occasionaly the 01 performs better. i just ran sum1 on a 2 3.5gb burns (multi recorder with NERO) and the 01 didn’t go above 1 whereas the 02 had a peak of 3 and about 30 more PIFs total.

same media, consecutive discs on a spindle.

TLA0304 at saturn in austria!

wow, first sighting of TLA 03XX…

What?Are you sure?

This is what I received today (Jan. 27, 2005) from Plextor Sales:

[b]Hello Bob,

The current TLA should be 0204. Unfortunately, At this time it is not known when the next TLA will start shipping.

Thank you for your interest in Plextor products.

Plextor Sales[/b]

That message was from Plextor USA. I don’t know what might be available overseas.

Bob Shem

it’s unfortunate, but the US division of Plex is always behind the others…the most obvious example is the firmware versions posted on the site. at least with 1.04, they’re all on the same page.

Can we have a link to the sales advertisement of Saturn ?

or even a picture of the sticker ?

Hi guys,

i’ve received today my second RMA drive. It was not a Replacement drive, but a totaly new drive from Belgium with TLA 0304…:slight_smile:


Thanks for the photo of the sticker !

And then could you please put a “creating data disk” made with Nero or a Plextools scan of your first burn ?

Awesome!..i just sent my 716A for an RMA to Belgium. I wonder if i will be given a TLA#0304?

My faulty one was 0203 and was making alot of noise and bad vibrations.

@devil151 & Richard Dower (if you get a TLA 03XX): looking forward to seeing some scans :bigsmile: :iagree:

I sent the PX 716 with TLA #0203 to Belgium RMA with strange mechanical noise. They sent me back a new drive with TLA #0304. The new drive works perfect. This is my first post to this forum…

welcome to CD Freaks, Jimkar! :bigsmile:

i’m sure we’d all be interested to see some quality scans from your new drive. perhaps a more appropriate thread to post them would be the “Quality Scans” one. you can read the FAQ stickied in the Plextor forum on how to run and post your scans if you don’t know already.

tia :iagree: