What is the largest hard drive Windows 98 can handle without corrupting data?

Hey guys. As the title states, I was wondering if anyone could help me with this. Thanks.

There is some information from Seagate here. I haven’t been down this route myself, but it looks like you can use large HDDs as long as your BIOS can cope and you partition the disk with partitions no greater than 137GB each.

137 GB is indeed the limit :smiley:

Thanks guys, much appreciated!

I could have sworn it was approimately 137,438,953,472 bytes or exactly 128gb (if you go by the proper conversion of 2^30 bytes = 1gb). To be safe id say 120gb is the largest buyable hard drive you can fit in there. (yes im a stickler for the base 2 sizes in computers) basically thats the limit of the 32bit (really 28 bit cause of the specifications) lba addressing of the sectors of a hard drive.

for the math geeks it is 2^28 * 512 bytes.

-1 byte to completely exact :slight_smile:

which, in a marketers world, is 137 GB :smiley: