What is the highest quality compression to be able to edit DVD files?

What is the highest quality compression or digital file to be able to edit dvd files on programs like premiere??

I want to edit home movies that I have burnt on a standalone dvd recorder.

Thanks, Jeremy

DVD files are compressed with mpeg2. How do you want to edit? You get the best quality by not reencode the original streams (just cutting and joining, no rendering). If that is what you want to do I suggest editing with MPEG2Scnhitt or Cuttermaran.

If you want to render transitions then you should use an editor that is smart rendering, which means it will only reencode the parts you change and leave as much of the originals as possible. Not sure if Premiere can do this with mpeg2. You can use an mpeg2-editor like Womble MPEG2VCR or M2-Edit Pro. If you must convert it to avi before editing I suggest a lossless format like huffyuv, but then everything must be reencoded to mpeg2 as a final step.

Thanks for the reply. I basically want to pop my home movie dvd in the computer, then maybe add some titles or simple transitions or effects.

My main goal is to preserve the best quality to burn back onto DVD+R.

I’m not worried about file size or watching on computer or cd-r.

I’m kind of new at this so bear with me.


Hi Jeremy,

Use Mpeg2VCR to edit the file as you want to(note that only strem copy it and do not recode/check in the file details before processing, free eval version for 30 days) and then use DVD Lab Pro/ DVD Lab(cheaper, since you are looking for something basic and read the help files and guides online) should have a dvd working within 5 hours(the first time is always longer)

Hope this helps. You can make the DVD as great as you want to. More stuff/effects, more time and effort.