What is the highest quality CD-R media now? Please come to discuss from your exp'?

What is the highest quality CD-R media now?

I usually use CD-R to record VCD. I use 10k discs/month and now want to try the new brand. I want the lowest recording error ratio and the highest durability.

Now I use Sony CD-R Sony Optical with Supremas Technology. Could you guys discuss about this from your experience and knowledge.

Plextor brand cd’s (TY).

Verbatim pastel and A grade ritek which burn nicely for a good price

I believe the highest grade (according to audiophile’s) for music are the Mitsui Gold and the Taiyo Yuden 52x.

There’s no right answer to this, as it really depends on your burner. The “highest grade” media may well not be the best choice for your own burner in terms of burn quality at any given burn speed.
Tests, and experience seem to indicate that Pthalocyanine type dye can last longer in hot or moist places, or in the light. So in this case, Ritek 48x/52x might be your best choice if your burner likes it. Many burners will produce the highest quality burns on TY (Cyanine-type), but again it might not survive abuse.

Pthalocyanine have some issues with older cd players
(I have some problems with Pthalocyanine cds in my technics cd player sl-p277a)

Sony, Maxell (Ritek), Fujifilm (Taiyo Yuden), Fujifilm (Prodisc), Taiyo Yuden, MAM-A Silver (most expensive), MAM-A Gold (Even more expensive), and Prodic are all good. Some may write better than others on your recorder. Test them with CD/DVD Speed if your writer returns C1, C2 errors. A good writer is as important as the media in recording and testing! My personal favorites are Fujifilm (Taiyo Yudens). If you want them blank, not branded, you can get them for approx. $27/100 at Meritline. Try a few on your writer before bying quantity. Ritek (unbranded) are $17/100 and Prodisc (unbranded) are $19/100.

Hmm tricky ones I like my Taiyo Yudens specially the Plextor version (Top layer is very good) however the point is that all of my burners like FUJI (germany) more. Specially when I burn faster as 12x (no increase on FUJI while on TY media the errors start increasing (Except on the plextor 241040TA) but still TY can be rated excellent.
About Mitsui they lost it !! Current MAM has nothing to do with legendary mitsui quality.
If you want GOLD media I would even suggest picking up MPO over MAM.

Well i would have to say the Verbatim Datalife Plus (Green Bottom MCC Dye) use them for all my audio cds and stuff that i am permently backing up, for temp backup stuff i tend to use datawrite or ridisc (ritek co. dye version). If i cant get them two i’ll try and get another with the ritek co. dye.

  1. Taiyo Yuden (That’s/Fujifilm Japan/Plextor)
  2. Mitsubishi (Verbatim DatalifePlus)
  3. Ritek (Ridata/Traxdata)


Seems to me that what could be the best one day could be a completely different product the next as Brands change sources to increase profit, I would say anything out of Japan is No.1, most likely TY. anything else you will have to check its history at every purchase if you are big time.

Like Sony started off out of Japan then out of Taiwan now out of Malaysia and I read India, they need to start coding this info into the brand name as i cannot buy by mail anything for fear of what might turn up with a good brand name on the box.

One day I buy Sony its from Taiwan supposed to be OK product, next day its out of Malaysia not so good, but same high price if Sony want to maintain there high quality image they need to stop behaving like the rip off artists.

Otherwise its just basically a hidden rip off.

Taiyo Yuden CD-R :iagree:

Hi,[quote=Burnsama;2173824]Taiyo Yuden CD-R :iagree:[/quote]Normally, I would agree. But I recently found out that there are certain situations, where Riteks are the better choice :eek:
I have an old JVC UX-T1. That beast will not play any TY. Ritek (and CMC) is okay if I used my Pioneer to burn.

So, sometimes you’ll have to trade quality and longevity for playability :frowning:


It depends really how much you want to shell out for these discs. A rule of thumb for me, unless you’ve got an brand which is known to sell B-Grade or crap media, then that is where the problem is but if you have an alright brand, no worries.

I recently bought a pack of 50 Memorex CD-Rs from Amazon for £5.85 with free delivery (Which works works out about 11p / 12p per disc). The media dye is an MBI type, and not the CMC MAG I expected, which apparently according to members of Club MyCE has a very solid reputation for delivering solid bargain media.

Although I’m still a bit skeptical about their DVD media, since the recording pits are smaller and more likely to fail compared to their CD-R media, Memorex CD-Rs are very solid and production for optical media has got better, so problems for fading and unreadable discs seem to be non existant anymore than if you compare it to 10, or even ago.

They are great everyday discs and for data backups. Probably from the MBI code, burning tends to be rated slightly higher than CMC Mag code :S