What is the fastest dvd player/firmware for ripping dvd's

I need to backup my collection and im looking for the fastest DVD drive i can get and the appropriate firmware so i can rip them as quickly as possible.

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LiteOn drives are fast rippers, as are Optiarc drives. I use both and they do the job very well, although the LiteOn is a little better with lightly scratched or deteriorated discs.

Both will rip fast with stock firmware.

Thanks arachne,

Is it possible to rip 2 or 3 movies at a time with multiple drives? Im assuming they would have to be sata as well.

Oh, I have something to add: to get the best of both worlds (fast ripping AND a good reader even with dodgy discs), I’d recommend also a Samsung drive, using firmware modified with C0deKing’s Patch Utility (available in our Samsung forum). :wink:

As for ripping multiple movies…TBH, I’ve never bothered, so maybe someone else can answer that one. :wink:

Sata would be the best choice if you want to rip more than one dvd at the same time, the old IDE will be very slow and you will need to have two drives at a different cable (also the HDD should be in a different cable, for the best performance it should (also) be a sata HDD).