What Is The External BenQ 7081 Based On?

Just Found This In A Australian K-mart Catalog.

I Was Wondering What This Drive Was Base On.

Being K-mart It’s Probably Discontinue Stock Eg… BENQ EW162I Or Older. :doh:

I Was Hopeing It Was Based On A BENQ EW164B Or Newer Drive. :wink:

Haven’t Found Anything On It.
May Have To Go To K-mart For A Look. :frowning:

I can’t find any reference to it. Let us know, Pulsee.

My Worse Fears Have Been Answered.

It’s A BENQ EW162I :rolleyes:
Nice Trendy External Exclosure :smiley:

Might Put A BENQ DW1640 Into The External Exclosure And Flash It To BENQ EW164B BEGB. :slight_smile:

10 BenQ 8x DVD+R: DAXON-AZ2-000 Was Shrinked Rapped On Outside Of The Box.
It Also Came With 1 PHILIPS 16x DVD+R: PHILIPS-C16-001 Inside The Box.