What is the easyist way to back up my dvds

i have bought instant copy and when i try to back up my encrpted dvds it wont let me. i have downloaded dvdencrypter.how in easy steps do i use the 2 programs to back up my dvds. iam still new to dvd backup.colin

look here www.mrbass.org/instantcopy/ follow the steps and you should have no problems. The guide gives many options, if you want to keep it really simple, follow this:

  1. Rip you DVD to you hard disk (remember to rip all files, if you want to create a DVD like the original)
  2. Start InstantCopy and choose as your source Hard Disk (point to the directory where u ripped the DVD) and Destination choose your DVD-Recorder (u can choose also the hard disk and then copy at the end, I suggest that u choose your DVD recorder as destination - remember to insert a blank DVD-R or RW).
  3. It will take a long time, for my experience i have for like 3/4 hours and then u should have ur copied DVD.

The guide will give much more details.
I hope i was clear.

Check here