What is the DVD face size in Pixels?



I am trying to create a DVD face in photoshop and want to find out extra how many pixels the DVD face has to be to print exactly.
Or maybe someone can point to a nice template that would work?

Thanks in advance.


In Photoshop you will need it to be 1417 pixels in height and 1417 pixels in width. :iagree:


Ok, I tried - but when I went to print the file, it was the size of the page rather than the size of a DVD!


Netrate—Check your PM.


Thank you - but the picture still prints out HUGE. I will have to keep trying.
Is there a template for the DVD sleeve?


There isn’t one pixel size that works for everyone because there are at least 2 variables: software resolution & hardware. Either can make a TREMENDOUS difference in how much physical space 1 pixel takes up. You have to use your own personal settings based on 1) the image resolution; 2) the application you’re printing from; & 3) the printer drivers you’ve installed.

Try creating a series of concentric B&W rings in MSPaint (or some other simple image editor), saving it as a .BMP and as a .JPG, then using your printing application to send the image to paper. Then use a ruler to see which ring is closest to the size of your disk’s printable area, and find out that ring’s diameter in pixels.