What is the different between 2500a & 2500

I read that they are the same but i dont think so because there must be a mining for the letter ‘a’.
and if they are the same products ,can i make the flashed with modded firmware for double layer on both of them ?

I think there are no different!
And I think you can flashed them without problem.
Doctor Aziz

Would you please refer to those sources.

i think i read/heard that 2500a is the normal people version, and 2500b is an authoring version…
i don’t know if it’s true or not.

Is there anyone who make the nd-2500 (not nd-2500a) to a double layer ?

Is there any ND-2500 out there ?
In any case it’s the HV2B5 that makes it to DL.

from nec :
Dear Customer,

There is no difference between these model numbers. NEC only sells the ND2500A, some retailers, distributors omit the “A” from the mode number.


That goes without saying.
I wonder how those interested in such questions could not figure it out by themselves ?

Another example > [COLOR=RoyalBlue]NEC 2500D is this different from 2500A? [/COLOR]