What is the difference between

i found both imgburn and cdrtfe to be good, burnatonce is dead, i suppose. infrarcorder is not that customizable. DO you know any best freeware, that is growing, updating often with good quality. which is best? cdrtfe or imgburn. Thanks. what is so special about it?

Try Burrrn for audio cd burning, its free too!

ImgBurn is often updated, and full of features :iagree:

IMGBurn is one of the best softwares ever written IMHO. I guess that answers your question… LOL

i think burrrn is dead, and have anyone tried cdrtfe before? it is also upated and it is the front end of best known tool such as cdr tools, etc. Thanks.:slight_smile:

ImgBurn is also able to create Audio CD discs starting from mp3 or flac files. And as I said, it is constantly updated, so you can give it a try :slight_smile:

Sorry, I never heard about cdrtfe :frowning:

but it is not frequently updated. I tried it, but I find cdrtfe to be more efficient than any freeware.

Updating frequency for a software is related to two main factors:

[li]The addition of new features

Most of times, a software updated very often is because of bugfixes. A software with very frequent updates often is because is buggy and needs frequent bugfixes.

ImgBurn is constantly updated, but not on daily basis, because it is thoroughly tested, so there are very few bugs left after it is released.

btw, latest version has been released recently (on February the 10th)