What is the difference between usb drive and data traveller

pl. tell me difference between usb drive and data traveller

USB drive is a generic term for a Flash Drive or Hard Drive that is attached to your computer via a USB port.

Data Traveler is the name of a series of Flash Drives sold under the Kingston brand.

So a Data Traveler drive is an USB drive, but an USB drive can also be of some other brand and name.

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Are you referring maybe to the Kingston USB pendrives? If yes, then “data traveller” is only a brand name, there is no difference compared to any USB pendrive :slight_smile:

If not, can you give more details? What product are you referring to exactly?

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I have Kingston’s DTSE9 16GB Data Traveller & I’m confused because whenever I try to plug this pendrive in my Dish Tv Setup Box or Televesion (which have pen drive slot) It just shows an error of Video Format doesn’t Support, So can you please help me from this situation. If I need to change the video format then which one video format would be better for Television to play my Laptop Movies.

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We’d just be guessing, trying to answer your question. What format is the video in right now? What formats have worked in the past on your TV?

Plug the usb drive into your computer and try playing it with VLC or Media Player Classic Home Cinema, just to see if there is anything wrong with it. Also use MediaInfo to examine the file and see how the video is made.

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I have tried Mkv. Avi. Mp4 Formats in Television But none of them are working But When I use all these Video formats in a Laptop or Computer it obviously Runs.

This is 1st time so been trying all these formats & I’m using this Software to convert videos


That’s terrible software. Try using Handbrake to convert to MP4 or MKV. Depending on the age of your TV, MP4 is more compatible.

Handbrake is free to download and use.

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