What is the difference between Pioneer A09 and 109?

Going to buy one. :confused:

A09 Retail
109 OEM



Whilst the A09 is a retail package and the 109 is an OEM one, they are physically different drives, albeit using the same electronics and drive mechanism.

I have a Pioneer 109XLB which is the OEM version of the A09 - i.e. same facia, no riplock and quiet drive.

Yes the 109XL is an OEM version of the A09 but the basic 109 is a different beast.

OEM and bulk are 2 different things.

True, although in the UK we tend to use the term OEM (mainly 'cos the suppliers use it) when Bulk would be more accurate.

Pls, some reading before posting. :sad:
Pioneer Dvr-109(oem) vs pioneer dvr-a09. whats the difference?

Not really, the supplier buys them in bulk all normally loose or in bare brown boxes all in 1 massive box/crate, you get no software or cables, my cousin owns a pc store and gpus can arrive that way or also retials in box with all extras.

Why is everyone still asking diff between the 2 drives, we have seen the obv diff from 108/109 models with faceplate sticking out and hitting you in the face, its also not to hard to look on the pioneer site and compair the 2.

Actually bulk items as well as often being called OEM here in the UK, a lot of suppliers use the term “white box” as indeed most of these item come in yep you guessed it, white boxes.