What is the difference between phillips cdrw1610 and 1610a?

hi ne1 know the difference between the cdrw1610 and 1610a ??

im lookin at a phillips 161040 as a product replacement as my acer got knackered.


i don’t know the difference about the two, but I would go for another writer.

they wont offer me nothing else, they sell no other manufacturer except Acer , Phillips, and LG.

My Acer turned faulty with a 1 month left on warranty and they wont give me a refund. The offered to replace it with the Acer 20x but i declined telling them i dont trust that manufacturer. I then asked if I could choose they said send an email stating which one so I went for the LG 8320B (2sheeps) but they replied back saying only the phillips is on offer as an replacement.
What i dont understand is that the price difference between the phillips and the LG is only £1.12 ! but they are being very obstructive - I would not touch these people (www.Redstore.com).
Im gonna ring them now 2 c what they say…

Am I reading correctly? You expect a refund from the store for a defective product after almost a full year of use? :rolleyes:

And now you expect the store to give you a new, improved burner from different manufacturer on top of that?

No offense, but you must be dreaming! What planet are you living on?

Here we can retun new stuff during the first 10 days only, if the drive is in impeccable, as new condition. And that applies to warranty cards (virgin), manuals, media, packaging, AND you will be charged a restocking fee (usually 10%). IF the drive is dead within this period, then and ONLY then will they replace it with an identical drivce, but certaoinly NOT with one from a different manufacturer! After that, tough luck. You send your drive in and wait for the manufacturer to either repair or replace your drive; only if you are lucky and are a good customer will some stores go the extra mile dealing with the manufacturer about the defective drive directly and give you a replacement on-the-spot.

Yes moderator I hear what u r saying, im from uk.
The morale of the story is in which the art and style u present ur argument.
I just got my self a LG 8320b (32x write 2sheeps) for my Acer (12x write 1sheep).

U shud at least ask and pretend u know nothing. I just said it was unfair that an my Acer packed up after 11months so didnt want this again (offering an Acer 20x), they then offered the phillips 1610 but I said I wanted the LG 8320B as it only cost £1.12 more ! which is nothing, I offered to pay the difference and they said no, but then I complained saying y u r being so obstructive over a pound and are u willing to lose future custom for a pound, they then backed down and said I can have the LG
U will never know until u try - i wud have settled for the phillips anyway

Also on another note, my power supply also packed up (Macron400wattsAMD) after 11months from Overclockers UK, they no longer stocked these so they gave a Sparkle 400W AMD approved - but its not brand new (can tell from slight screw marks - and it was no warranty void sticker if removed which all power supplies have, are they allowed to do this as it seems they have given me a refurbished power supply ???


Sorry if I may have sounded sarcastic earlier, was more like being incredulous! I must admit I’m amazed at your success, you gotta have gall! :bigsmile:

Pulling this off shows real guts and daring, you’d be great in sales, I’m sure! :cool:

Hey maybe I could let you talk to the store in 6 months when my Lite-ON 40X dies (conveniently one month before the end of the warranty :bigsmile: ) to exchange that ‘crappy drive’ it for a Plextor 48X48X48 :cool:

As for the refurbished part, that’s what I got when my video card failed last year. Since my card was not new anymore, I figured it was fair. But with your talent I’d expect you’d get at least a brand new 450W PSU :cool:

Great story, BTW! We should start a thread somewhere on the art fo dealing with defective products under warranty! :slight_smile:

i’ve found that if you ask the biggest, scariest looking person you can find (ex-football lineman are ideal) to return something, and teach them to growl a little if they dont get their way initially, most salespeople will cave in, rather than argue. human nature - no skin off their a** to give in, right? its the company’s bone.