What is the difference between GMA-4082N GSA-4082N and GWA-4082N models?


I would like to buy a new DVD multiburner for my few years old Dell notebook.
But Dell Latitude C series has a special front plate shape.

Luckily I found what I need Here

As far as I know 4082N is latest LG DVD-RW for notebooks.
Please explain how differs GCA/GMA/GSA/GWA series of 4082N model and which one is better.

Are there any concerns about buying LG burner for notebook?
Maybe better not to buy LG and choose one of avaiable there:

Panasonic UJ-831S
Panasonic UJ-840S
NEC ND-6500A
NEC ND-6650A


GCA/GMA/GWA are OEM drives, only GSA is retail.

As chef mentioned, GCA/GWA are OEM models. Never heard of GMA. GCA/GWA differ from their GSA (retail) counterparts in that they don’t have DVD-RAM write support. For GCA/GWA/GMA, you won’t be able to get firmware support from LG. They do not provide firmware for OEM models, expecting the OEM company to provide firmware support.

I just bought the GMA-4082N here in Bangkok and had it fitted to my Dell Inspiron 8600 module bay drive caddy. It’s not pretty, as the new drive comes with a black fascia instead of silver/grey and doesn’t have the same profile as the original Dell badged drive which was a GCA-4040N. Still it’s seems like it burns just about anything and hopefully will be compatible with more discs than the old unit which would only burn at 2.4x.

I didn’t realise about the firmware issue, so does does mean if I find other manufacturers using this drive I will be able to update using their firmware, the current firmware is HN02.

Things have come a looong way since DVD writers that burn at 2.4x :wink:


Actually it was sold as a 4x drive but only later did I find out, after contacting Dell, that it only burns ZCLV discs at that speed which means older 4x discs, newer 8x disc perversely burn at the slower 2.4x speed. :confused:


A DVD burner NEEDS new firmware to support NEW media!