What is the difference between FW 0048 and FW 0049?

Hi All,

Well now, after almost two months of waiting Firmware 0049 finally has arrived. Early January I emailed MarcoBTC with a question concerning some SKYMedia DVD+R’s I bought that did not work with 0048. I then got his swift reply, telling me the MID-Code was to be included in the next Firmware (that is 0049), that is to say, he got word from Taiwan that they were to include this particular MID-Code. Since I brought most of these DVD+R’s back to the store in Germany, but kept the opened spindle, I still had some of these media lying in my closet. So when LiveUpdate told me 0049 was out, I flashed my drive and decided to give these discs a try, since they were now included, they should work fine, one would say. But…Although the media is 1x to 4x, the max speed Nero indicated was 2,4x…Uh oh, this did not look good. It took almost an hour to get the job done (which implies that it was burned at a lower speed than 2,4x) and when I reloaded, you’ve guessed it, my drive did NOT recognize the disc: “insert a disc into drive J” it said. The problem is exact the same as with 0048. So, can anybody tell me what exactly is the difference between 0048 and 0049; what’s new or so radically changed in 0049 that it took them almost two months with in the end, to me, no significant change for the better?