What is the difference between dvr 108 and a dvra08?

I am looking at buying a pioneer dvd burner and I am not able to get any reliable info about these models. They seem to be the same other than the face plates.
Also, is the dvr a08xla different from the dvr ao8?

Thank You

aXX = 1XX + software , but the xla slim lookers differ little , atleast they have own firmware

so like DVR-A04 = DVR-104 drive in retail package with software & accessories

Yes, the XL is different from the standard model.

The A08XL has noise damping hardware that allow you to slow the read down to lesson the noise (quiet mode). This would be used on DVD/CD playback set through software. It also has a nicer face, volume control knob, and headphone jack. Other than that there is no physical difference. They both will read and burn the same. The difference in Firmware is needed for the quiet mode for the motor that the A08 has and the 108 does not.