What is the difference between Benq 1640 retail and bulk version?



I want to buy a Benq 1640 dvd writer. The problem is, here in Germany, the 1640 in black is only available as bulk version. I like the front bezel of the retail a bit more and after checking the Benq website I encoutered that they have two different firmware versions for the drive. One for the retail and one for the bulk version. So the question that forces on me is are there any technical differences between the retail and bulk version and when not why Benq sees the need to distribute two different firmware versions.
After reading a bit on the board here I found out that the “old” 1620 could be crossflashed. I mean flashing the retail version with bulk firmware and vice versa. Is this also possible with the 1640?
Benq firmware politic confuses me a bit :confused:


In regards the old 1620 G[OEM] B[Retail] policy, BenQ sell there drives to other companies who then sell them on under their own brand which is what the G series firmware is for as you cannot use the BenQ related software like QSuite with it [last I heard anyway] also they cippled PIF/PIE scanning support in one of the more recent G firmwares and then put it back in [they seem to be unable to make up their mind on this].

The hardware is the same just the firmware is slightly different I don’t know if anyone here has actually gotten an OEM 1640 yet so your probably the first so I’ve no idea what B or G firmware might be on it.

But a .cvt of the retail BSGB firmware is available in the link below so you can cross flash it should it have an OEM Gxxx firmware, the latest retail one is BSHB.


Damn looks like if I have to wait till the retail version comes out or somebody else tries to flash the 1640 bulk version with the retail firmware…


I would be fairly confident that the exsting tools work with it to cross flash it to the retail firmware, you can always ask someone to try it and see as their is a .cvt of a 1640 firmware already available (a couple of folks in this forum already have the 1640).

Plus there doesnt appear to be any Gxxx 1640 firmware on BenQ’s website and BenQ of late have been shipping OEM drives with the Bxxx firmware so their is also a good chance that the OEM 1640 simply has the retail firmware already on it.


@ Foxxxxx
To address your color concerns, I think the retail BenQ comes with detachable faceplates of beige and black, with an inner black tray. My friends 1620 did.


Here in Germany the 1620 are sold in two different versions. Black and beige. The drive isn’t sold with both faceplates over here. But maybe I call a dealer ask if the black plate is included.

Seems as if I have to start a new thread to deal with this firmware issue and find someone who is so kind that he tries the crossflash :slight_smile:


there is a 1620A model that come with both face plate