What is the diff between CloneDVD & CloneDVD2?

When I went to buy the software, there was only the CloneDVD, and the other two. Thanks.

Uh…what? As long as you’re buying from slysoft.com or elby.ch, you’re getting clonedvd2 which is the latest version. Do not, DO NOT buy it from clonedvd.net.

When I downloaded them from SlySoft, there was CloneDVD2 as a setup file. Also, what is the virtual Drive setup file for please? Thanks. I did the bundle thing. Ended up to be $63. Couldn’t get a response from 1Click on their special for the Pro version. I am fully Slysoft now.

you won’t regret it. are you asking how to install it? i’m completey confused. Virtual clonedrive is a virtual drive for playing the images you rip with clonedvd2 and clonecd. not necessarily necessary, but it can be useful. after you install, just run the reg entry they sent you

Thanks, that makes it clear. I will install it. I think it was free.

I’m still a bit confused. The download is free. You can use it for 21 days. Apparently you purchased licenses, which you should receive via email as files with a fox for an icon (it’s really just a registry entry). Once installed, just run the registration files and viola.

Sorry, I was talking about the Virtual Drive. Actually, it’s called Virtual Clone Drive. I just wasn’t sure what it is for. I have purchased the others, CloneDVD2, AnyDVD, and CloneCd, and haver the licenses (keys) for them.

Oh ok. Yeah Clonedrive is completely free no strings. It’s 3:30 in the morning here so I’m a little slow on the uptake

Where are you? It’s 2:30 here in Denver. Still don’t knoow what to do with CLone Drive.

i’m in beautiful illinois, the land where time stands still. and if you happen to have insomnia it’s even more fun

I used to live in Centralia. Many many years ago.

then you know what i’m talking about that’s actually about two hours southeast of here

I do… Have to get to bed. Thanks for all the help. I’ll see if I can find out what to do with the Clone Drive tomorrow.

It could be worse. I could live in Arkansas

I resent that remark. :wink:

There are 3 different softwares sharing the name “CloneDVD”. I have all 3 of them, prefer the one with the sheep eating popcorns :slight_smile:

Virtual Clonedrive is great if you backup your DVD’s to a single .ISO file using CloneDVD2 and then you need to view whats inside the ISO file or make changes to it, or watch the movie using DVD Playing Software (PowerDVD etc…). Some people backup many movies to .ISO files and save them on a large Hardrive just incase they need to make another backup, they wont have to read from the original again.

You could just backup to DVD FOLDERS which saves time and a extra step, but some people like the convenience of everything in a single file. If you are going to backup to .ISO, I recommend installing Virtual Clonedrive.

Actually, I just did this, by reading the DVD to the HDD (the temp file that Clone creates) then making another folder, called it “Island”. When it asked for a recordable disk, I Copied the files to my new folder, and went on and made the DVD. CloneDVD then removes the files from it’s temp folder, but the other is still there. I then played my set with Nero and it worked perfect.

I’m in southern IL

I’m sorry.