What is the deal with edonkey/emule network?

I am just starting to get back into eMule (I use Lphant plus) and I noticed that almost everything on the Edonkey Network is in the other language. I speak english and I do not speak any other differnt language (dont call me lazy) It is really making me angy like today I downloaded a movie. The whole thing is in FRENCH! It is kindof annoying. Any good pirmarily English sever out there?

It won’t depend on the server. The server is like a phone book listing the clients and their files.
You can check the different file names under which the file is shared in the properties. Some of the file names may include “French”, “fr”, “German”, “de”, “ITA”, “Italiano” and stuff like that :wink:

Yea I know that but I’m talkin about ones that dont tell the language. Oh well I guess I will just have to deal with it. :bigsmile:

Does emule have access to all the files that were available on overnet/edonkey? Is Lphant plus better than the regular emule client? If so where can I get it & is it free shareware? I’m having trouble downloading the regular emule client

(Unrelated but wow, Ritek implants RFID in their media? That is ******d up)

learn french…