What is the deal with capacities?



What is up with capacities in CDR’s?

I am currently running OS X and am trying to dl some *.iso’s and burn them onto cd so I can install Linux.

Problem is OS X is telling me the max capacity of my 700MB cd is 670 and that the max for a 650 is 610!

Add to this the problem that the mac is taking 10MB of this space for desktop/finder crap (which I have learned how to get rid of) and I am in trouble.

I need to burn 2 699MB *.iso’s. I have looked at some capacity charts and they appear old.

I was just wondering what is a guaranteed 700MB capacity brand/model of CDR.



this sounds like a software issue, probably with some type of overhead being added to the discs. u’re not trying to use packet writing software, are u?


I dunno …

The Mac OS X desktop/GUI comes with built-in burning features…but as I research this I looks like a lot of ppl are buying Roxio’s Toast Titanium. So maybe I will have to bite the bullet and do that as well.



One thing to consider as well is that often 700 MB actualy means 700 * 1,000 KB, rather than the 1,024…often happens with harddisks too, they appear to have lost a few MBs between the advertisment and the actuall installation.