What is the costbenefit of LCD moniter



:confused: can i now?


sure, http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2362046,00.asp


[QUOTE=warrier17;2526862]:confused: can i now?[/QUOTE]

For one thing beside the higher prices depending on make and model is weight saving compared to the good but useful CRT monitor. That in itself should be a reason to switch over. I have a Acer x203WBD LCD and trust me display more and weight alot less then my old 20 CRT which weight in at about 65 lbs… Now that is too much weight…


Have 2 Acer LCD’s and they not only weigh less (combined) than my Sony 15" CRT but consume much less power. With DVI the display is great on the on. For that matter both are terrific @ 1024x768. Cost is generally lower these days if you shop carefully. There are still some high end monitors out there for very special graphics work, but you are better off with the LCD, and it does last a good long time too.